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New 2002 Yamaha BB's

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassdr, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Has anyone played the new Yamaha BB605? It is listed as a "Nathan East" body and has the NE-1 preamp built-in. Here's the best part. They list for $699 and MF and others are selling them for $399!!!

    Uh,oh here comes some GAS!
  2. No, I haven't played the new 2002 Yamaha models, but, if they're $400.00 and they come with the NE-1 EQ built in, that's an unbelievable deal. I have a passive Yamaha bass and I have an NE-1 EQ. In short let me tell everyone reading this;The NE-1 is such a useful piece of gear it's amazing. It takes just about any bass, and let's you take its original sound and then make it as smooth or as nasty as you want. I won't ramble on. If anyone wants more of an explanation, PM me.

    Yamaha has never let me down. I'd put one of these on my list as something to check out.

    Mike J.
  3. I can't stand it!

    Just ordered one in natural from Musician's Friend, I'll get back to you. I played a used Nathan East with the built-in NE-1 at Guitar Center recently and the electronics were amazing. The neck a bit chunky for my taste. Can't wait to get this one.

    More to come.
  4. ALRIGHT Bassdr! That's great. Let us know how she plays/sounds. I love Yamaha and the NE-1.

    Good luck with her.
    Mike J.
  5. I can see that the body of the new BB:s have been redesigned - and sadly enough not to my liking, they look too much like Ibanezes now don't you think? - but have they changed the neck as well? I wouldn't call the ones on the most recent model chunky, so I'm a wee bit confused by bassdr's post.

    I just wish that Yamaha could reissue the eighties neck through BB-model, without putting red chili pepper inlays in the neck and calling it "the Michael Anthony model" BTW. Those basses were great in all their ugliness. I sure want my old love back (even though it was only one of the cheaper, made in Taiwan, bolt on ones), or a fretless from that era. Mmmm...
  6. The neck I thought was "chunky" was the actual Nathan East signature model, (the $2-3000 one). The BB605 is listed as a "Nathan East silhouette body", and has the NE-1 preamp but definitely a different bass.

    The BB necks do feel less "chunky" for lack of a better word and I think, better.
  7. safiph


    Nov 26, 2001
    Man, those sound like a pretty sweet deal. I'm looking at the web site right now..is that picture the Wine Red model? I'm diggin' the red to black gradient..
  8. Safiph,

    That is the wine red one. I ordered one in natural. UPS says it's mine tomorrow!!!

    I'll get back to everyone when I play it.
  9. It came!!! A BB605 in natural/rosewood

    First impression is that fit and finish are first rate. I didn't expect it to be satin/oil finish on the body, but it is. It is really nice to look at, the alder is even grained and smooth. I have a digital picture if you want one. I don't have web space to post it, someone can if they want. Controls are: pickup pan, master volume, switch for mid contour on/off, treble cut/boost, bass cut/boost and mid contour control. Harware is all gold, bridge very substantial and the tuners are identical to what's on my Cirrus. Balance is good, I'm starting to disbelieve this is a $400 bass, then I plugged it in.

    Wow, this NE-1 preamp is amazing! I finally found that sound in my head. With the bass boosted, treble cut slightly, mid contour circuit on and control about halfway this bass sounds as good as anything I have ever played. I just A/B'd it with my Cirrus and the Cirrus is sold. Only negative so far is when you pan to the bridge or neck pickup you get a hum. It disappears when at center detent,????

    Look out Kingston, look out Skyline. There's a new $400 Yamaha bass that is every bit as good if not better than most 1-2000 basses out there! Check one out!
  10. Come on man, where are the pics!?!

    I have a 2001 Yamaha BBG5A, which i love! I am gonna have to check out the one you just got. I might pick one up. And at that price, it sounds like a steal. I love Yamaha basses, excellent quality, dirt cheap prices.
  11. I love those basses too. Currently I play a BB1000 with EMG's and a BB1100S with Barts. They are comfortable, sound meaty and look cool.
  12. Can someone tell me how to post a pic????
  13. when making a reply / new post.. look just above the " submit " button.. there's a thingy there to attach a file.. select the file with the " browse " button and it will be attached.

    - adx -
  14. Thanks AllodoX, here goes:
  15. Now I regret some of what I said above. It actually looks great. And if it sounds as good as you, bassdr, say it does, I might have to get me one...

    Oh, and congratulations! :)
  16. That looks fantastic. I'm pondering getting one.... how does the B feel?
  17. B string is nice and tight, not floppy and well balanced. I played it through the P.A. at church today and cranked it, the low D shook the room.

    I really think that I have played just a few basses that I would say are clearly above this one. Let alone, this one cost $400! Anyone considering a new bass for less than say a thousand or so should strongly consider it.
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