SOLD NEW 2017 DIngwall Combustion 4-String White with Free Gigbag, In-Stock & Ready to Ship!

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    2017 Dingwall Combustion 4-String White, Alder Body, Maple Neck Upgrade, Free 20 mm padded gigbag! Pre-Order, Shipping week of July 25th - Incoming, Ship to you week of August 1st, 2017

    Ask about the Korg Mini-pedal tuner add-on!
    Ask about the Dingwall strings add-on!
    Ask about the Darkglass pedal/amp add-on!
    Ask about the Genzler Amp/Cab add-on!
    Ask about the Bergantino Amp/Cab add-on!
    Ask about the Vox Adio BS (battery or Ac operated) add-on! Busking! Campfire! Back Yard Bass amp!
    Ask about the Tanglewood Acoustic Bass add-on!
    Ask about the Zoom Bass Pedal add-on options!