New 2x10 Aggie, berg, or Eden???

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  1. Here's the deal.

    The setup will be me playing symphonic rock/prog/power metal. I will have a modulus Q6 with EMGs, running through my peavy TNT 1x15. It is a good combo but i find it lacking in the high frequency area being that its just the 15 and the tweeter doing everything. I want to even out the sound and get better clarity up high so i'm adding a 2x10 extension cab. heres the dilemma. I'm not well versed in the cab area. I know edens are good stuff but i also heard they were mellow(which might be good to counter the emgs, not sure though) Bergs i've never had any esperience with but TB's own Adrian Garcia promotes them highly(which means they must be high quality) And ive heard that aguilar stuff is good, but as far as i know i've only heard them with guys like Pattitucci and thats not really the sound im goin for. So no good info on them.

    Random: in situations like this id usually go with the company with the nicer reps. but both Adrian(Bergs) and Tony(Aggie and Eden) are such cool guys i couldnt even use that out haha. Eventhough...Adrian is a Tber and Tony isnt....

    But anyway, any and all positive or negative feedback about the setup is greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    Your forgetting Adrian with the Aguilar 2x10"!:D I am very pleased with the sound I am getting with the Aguilar. It is ver smooth sounding with brilliant sounding highs. I don't know if that is the sound you are interested in. You may want to try out the Bergantino cabinets. The will probably have an even more hi-hi "tight" sound to them. If only I had money.......!:)
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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Eden 210XLT's are the most aggressive 2x10 i've heard. The Eden's have a dramatic shaping in its EQ with lots of low mid punch and a hot sizzly upper mids that you either love or hate. but there'll be no problems cutting thru with that bowie knife.

    another great aggressive 2x10 you should try is an EA CXL210. well, its actually a more bolder tone than aggressive. the Eden's like a chainsaw, while the EA is more a wrecking ball. seriously big punch from such a small cab.

    Epi's are sweeter and not quite as aggressive as the Eden's. has a more articulate feel and an open airyness in the upper mids and highs that isnt has harsh as the sizzly Eden.

    The Aguilar 2x10 falls somewhere between the Eden and Epi. Not quite the stinging low mids, but isnt quite as sweet. a sort of compromise between the two. still, its a great tone, and great for the money.

    the Berg's might seem a little soft in attack versuses the other cabs, so you might not like it. but it is amazingly articulate, and has a gorgeuos glossy hifi sheen thru-out the midrange. still, in a loud rock band, you prolly wouldnt be able to appreciate it.

    EDIT: IMHO the Aguilar and Epi's are prolly the more versatile. great for rock, jazz, acoustic.

    the Eden's are best for rock with an edgey tone that'll slam your tone way ahead of the mix.

    Berg's are gorgeous for those settings that appreciate a good bass.

    and EA's should be attached to cranes and used as wrecking balls. ;) sike! but seriously, the EA's are versatile if not moreso due to its more hifi voicing. its long transmission lines within the cab that give its herculean punch. the only downside is its massive weight compared to the other cabs. its says 62 lbs on the website, but it feels more like 70 lbs. to me.
  4. Ahh good feedback. I'm not familiar With Ea, do they have a web site?
  5. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
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    ooopsie, but i forgot to mention that they dont make the 2x10 anymore, but i'm sure lots of dealers still have stock on them.
  6. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    Your stated rig isn't powerful enough to bring the Bergantino's to full life. Joker's right on in his sonic assessments. Given what you plan to run and your playing style, you would probably be happiest with the Eden.
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    Mar 15, 2001
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    being that your using it as an extention can to a peavey tnt, save some money and get a carvin or something because its not going to matter that much.
  8. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
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    the voice of reason...
  9. well soon im buying a head and a 115 cab too, so i figureed i might as well get the 210 now
  10. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PA

    not to be a broken record, but i say Aguilar all the way. not nearly as pricey as Bergie or Epi, but has the tough tones you'll need.

    if you want more of a rock 'em sock 'em feel, then the Edens.
  11. hmmm...what do you mean by tough?