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Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Tim Cole, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    After spending about a year or so with a second gen 10 gig, I decided I liked them enough to spend a little cash on a new one.

    I had bought the original one to see if I'd like and use it enough to justify spending big bucks on something like this.

    The new one is awesome! I love the fact you can add album art onto each track, and the video function is great for showing my buds at work all of the ignorant video clips I download on the net. Well worth the dough I'd say. I also bought a new transpod so I can use it in my cars without any wiring messes, which runs another $100 but is worth it.

    The only thing that kind of sucks is, the videos have to be in mpeg4 format, and the right resolution settings to work on this. This was easily enough solved by buying (another $30) a program that converts most all videos into the right format and sizes, ect. (Cucusoft ipod and movie converter for those interested).

    I'm also told there will be a interface coming out soon that will allow you to record direct from line in (I plan to capture board mixes) directly to the ipod as well, which will be nice. I also plan to do some audio recording and editing, and using it live as a sequencer. Once you add up all you can do with this, it seems like a no-brainer whether it is worth the dough or not.

    Anyone else have one of these?
  2. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
    So you did go with another iPod!

    I'm happy for you, Tim!!


    BTW, I had no idea that you couldn't record directly into w/o an interface?!? Interesting...
  3. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    heh, as of right now there isn't an interface available, but it is in the works. I am a big enough fan of the ipod to buy it just for the entertainment end of it, future recording interface is just a bonus. :)
  4. nick g.

    nick g. Supporting Member

    Nov 9, 2003
    Chandler, Arizona
    I've got one as well, it is definitely a WINNAR.
  5. WillPlay4Food

    WillPlay4Food Now With More Metal! Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ
    I'm still cranking on the 20GB iPod I picked up in 2002. Compared to the newest iPods, mine looks like a brick!

    Glad you're enjoying your new toy.
  6. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    NE ND
    I'm still using a 1st Gen 5 Gig iPod. Talk about a brick!
  7. elros


    Apr 24, 2004
    Proprietor, Helland Musikk Teknologi
    I just bought mine a couple of hours ago. Very nice! It lets me free up loads of HD space - I've been importing too many of my CDs, but now I'll shove in the rest as well. Amazing that it can carry 150 CDs in it. And little videos and all my photos, too.

  8. I will probably buy a Nano in a few weeks . only problem is , i'm pretty much broke right now :D

    Enjoy your new toy !
  9. One of my coworkers bought her daughter a video ipod for xmas. She had it at work today (because we have been debating with her on which kinds (nano vs. mini vs. regular vs. video) and advising her for the past month). We were all drooling over it and asking to be adopted for the next month. :p
  10. jja412

    jja412 Tired.

    Feb 2, 2004
    St. Louis
    Just ordered one. My first Ipod. Hope I like it... it's quite an investment.

    What are the accessories you can't do without? (I am looking at the docking station and the remote control for the house.)
  11. StingrayKid21

    StingrayKid21 Holding down the low-end since 1996.

    Oct 7, 2001
    Portland, OR
    Hey gang,

    I have a 2nd gen 20gig ipod and i just got a new 30 gig ipod video for x-mas (early). It's great. The only lousy part is that apple has stripped out the extras you get with the ipod. The old one came with the dock and with the AC adapter (in case you are somewhere without a computer and need to charge it). The new ones don't come with either and both run between $30 and $50 each. I've read some bad reviews about the remote and universal dock... mainly that the remote doesn't work real well from far away. Check out as they have a few review of a lot of the accessories. Enjoy your ipods!! I love mine.

  12. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    i'm thiiiiiiiiiiii close to justifying getting a 60 gig iPod.

    my 20 gigger feels like an overfilled water balloon, ready to smack me in the face. :(
  13. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002

    This is something that has happened to apple across their lineup. I have noticed, as they broaden their approach/appeal/market, they seem to lose that 'touch of class' that they once had. Back in the day, getting a new mac was getting more than just a computer, you got accessories, every necessary cable, bonus software, useful stuff. But in the past couple years, they have substantially cut back on the 'freebie' stuff they give out. I think it's largely due to cutting costs and overhead so that they can distribute to a larger market(their market share has jumped a whole 1% in the past year, that's substantial) Whatever the reason, it is kind of a bummer.
  14. burntgorilla


    Jan 24, 2005
    You paid $30 for a program to convert the videos? You can get one that does the job equally well for free off the net (Videora iPod Converter).

    I moved from the 1st gen 5GB one to the new 30GB. I have several gripes. Can be really slowly changing songs, and the song can be playing two or three songs before the screen updates itself. The battery indicator is rather poor, so it's impossible to tell how much battery you really have. I don't think I'm getting the full time I should, but apparently a few charge cycles fixes that. The 60GB version has a much better battery life, and I've read on iPod sites that quite a few people are upgrading from the 30GB to the 60GB version to get better battery life (incidentally, the 60GB battery seems perfect out of the box). To be honest, I think that instead of fixing the battery issues, Apple are milking them. The 60GB is only slightly bigger than the 30GB, and I don't see why they couldn't have the same battery. Also, to turn it on, I have to reset it. Every. Single. Time. That's if it turns off, which it frequently refuses to do.

    Sorry if that seems a bit of a rant, but it annoys me that Apple are taking the piss with the battery, and it doesn't feel like the software is finished yet. I hope an update will fix it. In fairness, the video playback is pretty good. In dark scenes, you can see big blobs of colour, but in Lost's jungle scenes, it's good quality, and nice and bright. Synching between video and sound is an issue though. I would recommend the iPod video, but it's still rough around the edges.

    Edit: I forgot - you need a case. Apple provides one, but it's not great. A portable music player that needs to be encased to not get marked seems a bit silly. Careful what case you get. The stitching of some cases can scratch the iPod, which is frankly ridiculous.
  15. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX

    Didn't they used to come with a butler?

    brad cook
  16. elros


    Apr 24, 2004
    Proprietor, Helland Musikk Teknologi
    Yes, my old PowerBook had one. When that died, he had to retire, and my current iBook didn't have a new one included.
    But I'll still rather have my iBook then a Windoze PC (no offense to the hordes who use that, though).
  17. Wrong Robot

    Wrong Robot Guest

    Apr 8, 2002
    And some moist towelettes shaped like little apples.
  18. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    I got a 4th gen 60GB back in March and after some problems with Apple's stupidity, I'm happy with it. I was jealous of the new 5th gen Video until I got my PSP. My screen is bigger, and I can play video games. Neener neener. :bassist:

    I picked one of these up a couple of weeks ago, and it's great. It charges my ipod and it sounds wonderful through my stereo. The remote works well for what it is.
  19. Petary791


    Feb 20, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    Yep, I picked up a white 60 GB a month or so ago. I love it to pieces.

    20 hour battery-- can't beat it!
  20. DigMe


    Aug 10, 2002
    Waco, TX


    We've come so far.

    brad cook