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NEW (actually) StingRay 5 For Sale/Trade

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Danny R., Nov 15, 2003.

  1. I bought this bass from samash a few months ago, it's brand new, DOB 10/02, it still have the tags and stickers on the back, I took it out of the case a few times, I love the sound but the finish is a little too wild for my taste and I don't play basses with narrow string spacing.
    Autumn-burst sparkle finish (discontinued), flamed maple neck, rosewood board, white pickguard, comes in a new Musicman hard case, tags, accesories, MM polish cloth and documentation.
    I'm interested in a american Jazz bass 4 (sorry, no fivers) in natural or sunburst + cash, StingRay 4 (again not fivers) in tobacco sunburst or natural + cash (depends in the condition and finish), any cool 5 strings bass with wide string spacing of the same caliber, or best cash offer, feel free to mail or PM any question, thanks for looking.

  2. Back :bassist:
  3. Full pic. :ninja:
  4. PM sent!
  5. Guys, this bass is brand new don't pay retail price in a music store, I'm also interested in a Warwick JazzMan even or a Corvette STD + cash.
    make me an offer!! ;)
  6. This great bass now belongs to mister RSmith, that's 2 smooth deals in a week!! thanks Robert ;)
  7. No Danny, thank you. This bass is exceptional!!

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