SOLD New Aguilar OBP-3 4 knob Prewired completely solderless Includes Knobs

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  1. Price:
    New never installed Aguilar OBP-3
    Professionally pre-wired and tested
    Absolutely no soldering required for install thanks to solderless screw terminal connections for pickups and bridge ground. Even includes the small screwdriver needed for the terminals.
    Just drop it into any bass with a side jack and battery box or room for 2 9volts in the electronics cavity)
    Control layout is Volume (push/pull active/passive), Blend, Stacked Bass/Treble, Mid (push/pull 400/800 hz center frequency)
    3 Fender Jazz knobs and 1 custom made Fender stacked knob included (Aguilar stacked pot is taller and larger diameter than the Fender pot)
    I had this built to drop into one of my Reggie Hamilton Jazz basses but decided I really like it stock so I never installed it.

    $175 PayPal shipped UPS to the lower 48 US

    **Best bass gear price for prewired solderless in this configuration is $283 without knobs and they have a 3-5 week lead time**
    My loss your gain

    51D2D7D3-6469-47DD-9772-486410565CEB.jpeg 8D7F6A24-6220-49FA-9FC8-B4E9224F6F88.jpeg CF8A9769-DA86-4A54-8BEE-7B30D1B4BD2E.jpeg 63BE34F4-C114-43F2-927C-34A589A5A7AA.jpeg 701D4161-A4B0-46DD-A1E2-4B6090EB6603.jpeg FFE415BB-EF0E-4B6C-AA72-BFCA0EC4A517.jpeg 7F9C16AA-2CB4-47B4-9598-D6B50F3A4C77.jpeg E3D075BD-A865-464E-8EC4-A1A4AB1F0EE5.jpeg B6522687-53A2-43BC-98A6-02FADC56BC59.jpeg 4DFA0B20-3D55-489A-829B-5D43399C8844.jpeg
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