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New Amp Day- Carvin BX-500

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tonemachine, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. tonemachine

    tonemachine Banned

    Mar 23, 2010
    20150428_174520. I wanted a small-sized back-up/practice amp but I didn't want to spend big dough for such, especially since I believe that eq can fix the inherent voicing of any given amp. I figured with all of the eq on this amp, there was a great chance of getting a good sound. It worked.

    I can get great sounds out of this amp. Modern clean to warm and wooly even playing a Bongo and using GK neos. EQ really fixes a lot of stuff if you are patient- and I'm no eq guru, just trial and error.

    I love the mute switch and headphone out. Now I wish my MarkBass amp had them. I love the ability to practice silently with headphones while everyone is sound checking, etc.

    The contour knob cuts mids nicely if you want it.

    The built in compressor seems to cut the mids first. I much prefer my dbx160x. The built-in reminds me of the dbx when its set on soft-knee compression which also steals the mids first (to my ears). I suppose that if you played a song with no dynamics then you could boost the mids to compensate. I just can't maintain the same sound once the compressor really kicks in; possibly this would be beneficial if alternating between light fingers style and heavy slapping and popping.

    Overall a nice amp that I'd use as my main. I'd probably get the bx500 for a main, just for more headroom (and I think it may be a pretty red rather than dull gray). But, like someone suggested, 500vs700 isn't a deal-breaker, you get more mileage out of more speakers rather than more wayes and 500 would work for most gigs.

    Full disclosure: I had to send the first BX 500 back due to it constantly going into protect mode. This happened in the first few minutes and after I was testing all of the switches (tube/no tube and 2-4/8 ohm- but never run in 2 ohm mode, to be sure). Must have been a bad switch. Carvin sent me a new amp before I even mailed the original back for free. I've worked the new amp hard for the past week and all is well. The Carvin tech was very nice but the guy who answered the phone originally seemed to have the "I'm tired of hearing from idiots" vibe- twice. Maybe it was a bad day for him but his attitude definitely doesn't reflect the overall company. I dealt with Carvin before, on phone and in-store when I was checking out basses last year and it was great. I then picked out my specs for an SB-5000 and they discontinued it about a week before I went to order it! Bummer.

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