New Amp Day, super exited!

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    Feb 23, 2011
    Yeah, finally I am getting a real amp after having been without for years. (Last amp I owned was a Hartke Kickback 15 which frankly I didn't like at all, and the amp before that was an Ampeg B-15 Fliptop, which I did love but ended up selling anyway for some stupid reason.)

    The wait is over (Well, almost, won't actually have it for my disposal before Sunday next week) and I am super exited.

    The one I am getting is a Trace Elliot GP75SM 130 W used, for the ridiculous amount of 1200Kr (About 178$, and keep in mind that musical equipment is generally a bit more expensive in Denmark than the States).

    Now I borrowed a Trace Elliot combo before for when jamming with a band I sometimes play with for fun, and I really do love the sound of it.

    This is not the exact same model, and this one will be about 100 W lower, and instead of 4 10" it just have 1 15".

    I figure it will not be an issue though, since I can always update with an additional 4 10" cabinet and regarding volume I never got even close to turning the volume up half ways on the other amp, yet still had no problems keeping up with the band.

    As said the other Trace Elliot I tried did not only had more volume than I ever need regardless of the fairly low rated wattage, it also managed to get a nice punchy and aggressive sound out of my Ibanez Mikro (in combination with my EHX Blackfinger), even if the pickups leave something to wish for.

    Next update is probably going to be the pickups and then a 4 10" cabinet.

    If anyone has any specific knowledge about this model feel welcome to comment.

    Looks exactly like this, only it is 130 and not 200 W:

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  2. TMARK


    Jan 10, 2012
    Richmond VA
    It has the 1153 cabinet. One of the best 15 inch cabs ever. You should be just fine!
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  3. BadExample


    Jan 21, 2016
    Those are nice looking amps!

    Since my 2nd cousin in Danmark has passed on, I'm only in touch with Danish 3rd cousins once or twice a year. So I always like to meet a real Danske Mond! :D I mostly picked up only the negative aspects of my genetic lineage, but my father used to tell me I got my natural technical ability from his father, a top notch Danish Blacksmith. Of course we all have a bit of Danish in us thanks to the pirates and vikings a 1000 years ago... :whistle::speechless::laugh:;):thumbsup:

    I hope your new amp is all you expect and more!
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  4. High Camp

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    Oct 3, 2013
    I still have my Trace Elliot combo, a GP7SM 300 combo, with also a 15 inch speaker.
    With an extension cabinet, it will get very loud.
    However, I would add another 15 inch cabinet (bt Trace Elliot) instead of a 4x10.
    I hope those are available for you.
    Anyway, enjoy your Trace!
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  5. NoiseNinja

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    Feb 23, 2011
    And finally it is here.

    Unfortunately no extra connection for external cabinet.

    I'm pondering at some point swapping it out with a 4 10", but on the other hand it really does sound great as it is.

    And here it is, behold the beauty:

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