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  1. Hey all, first thread. I apologize if this has already been asked before. Just signed up but have been stalking this site for a few years.
    Anyways my band is going on tour this summer and I wanted to treat myself to a new amp and convert my 700rb into a backup/stay at home amp. I play a Schecter 6 string in drop A and drop G. I was looking at either the GK 1001RB, or the Fusion 800W, and the GK NEO 4x12. I already own the NEO 4x10 and I love it. I'm not biased towards GK, just ended up sticking with them. Any other brand recommendations are welcome. My settings are: bass-2 o'clock, high and low mids 12, and treble around 8 or 9. I like the bass to be mostly "felt" during gigs, but I also like being able to hear over the drummer on stage. As for the music, we play death metal, 2 guitarists, and one very loud drummer. Budget around $2500 for amp/cab. Thank you guys.
  2. Gk 2001RB and two GK412's, or an SVT and two 810e's. ;) :thumbsup:
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    The 1001RB-II would be great running a GK NEO 412

    Definitely be felt and heard. I use to run a 1001RB-II with an Avatar b410.

    RB units are reliable workhorses
    Micros have been in the market for a couple years
    I have 3 GK RB amps and 1 GK micro / no problems so far
    @ that budget though, you can buy all 3 units and use one of those amps as a backup..
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    Do you have roadies?
  5. Peavey's recommendation excites me. The GK cabs are fairly light so it's possible. Even though I won't need that kind of power for a small western U.S. tour