New Amp Need Help.

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  1. I have a choice for a new amp, and the choices of 3 amps are

    amp 1).Gk Backline 210 w/cab combo reg price $700 hell let go for $500

    Amp 2).GK backline 112 for $359 he will let go for $300

    Amp 3).A YorkVille Xms Series amp 200 watts for $500 ( hell wieve the shipping for me. )

    so which model?
  2. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    I vote #3 of those options. I just like the sound of Yorkies more than GKs.
  3. thats what I was thinking of too, the Yorkville, it has 2 more knobs to play with for bass tone, wich is a plus in my book, and hell it looks good kind of like an AC unit haha, I've tried all of these and the Yorkie sounds the best.

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  4. greaseball


    Dec 1, 2005
    I vote Yorkville. I own this amp as well. Set everything flat for a transparent, clean sound. Then you can tweek to taste.
  5. will do, when I was playing it in the store before they sold the floor model, it sounded awsome & sounded like Van halen's sound, its a very nice amp a little big for 1 speaker type cab though.

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  6. Is "THIS BassMaster Bass Amps Series
    XM200TC- Bass Combo - 200w, 2x10 inch / Twtr" the same as the as the "BassMaster Bass Amps Series
    XM200C- Bass Combo - 200w, 15 inch / Twtr for price wise?

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  7. Anyone else?
  8. Hey gan can tell me what yorkie to choose from?
  9. GK all the way! go with the 210!
  10. its more exspenive then the other 2 amps, witht he same wattage, except for the backline 112