New and unopened set of SIT Bass Silencers...

Discussion in 'For Sale: Strings and Accessories' started by bassman blue, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. SOLD! New, unopened set of SIT Bass Silencers strings... I have a new set of Lays, SIT Bass Silencers. They are the Extra Light set (40-60-80-95) NRL-4095L for 34" scale four string basses. Great strings. They're considered to be pressure wound, or inverse wound, or semiflat strings, whatever you are comfortable calling them. A nice blend of round wound and flat wound sound. $15 shipped in continental usa/canada.
  2. Drats, I just received a set of these exact size and gauge silencers, and spent a lot more on them. I'd better start reading these ads again. Great strings.
  3. are these still available?
    i'm interested...
    btw, i don't know a whole lot about strings, how do pressurewound strings slap?
  4. i hate giving feedback on gear i have to sell. the reviews i have read on them rate them to have a decent amount of bite to allow for slapping. personally i think they are a great all around string. i have two more sets, so just cleaning out the extras and i have started using some of the ti flats.