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New Band leader - 1st time

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by tothemax, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Putting together a "community" band - all volunteers with too many obligations to commit to a full time gig. Had the first practice last week which went pretty well. Goal is to have thing going by spring. Having played over the years (not pro) in various and worked as a roadie for a top act in the late 70's - band leader is a new place for me.

    There are two folks that play drums and this week both will be coming up to practice. I'm thinking of asking one to bring elctronic drums and the other to bring the pieces of his kit he brought last week. But I'm a little at a loss from that point on not really being a drummer. I know one of the guys is a conga player as well.

    I gave out CD's of the set list to everyone last week, so the songs should be a little more familiar - a number of the tunes were unfamiliar to the younger players (classic rock standards from the 70's - 80's and some country).

    Everything went pretty well last week and we are all looking froward to practice this week. I'd love to have a dual drummer sound circa ABB. Any ideas for dealing with the drummers would be helpful (hopefully they will be able to work things out).
  2. madurolover


    May 21, 2011
    Tampa Fl
    Switch on and off percussion or sit them out. They need to work together to get a good sound and not with all the band members present. If they are just showing up to play, I would give them their own songs while the other one does a simple high hat or percussion sound.
  3. Will probably give that a go... and let them work it out.
  4. This has turned out to be a non-issue as drummer #2 has not made any practices (yet) - and actually easier.

    Next question: Sound quality

    The center is a big open room and empty (approx. 35'x70'), hard walls on the ends, storefront glass on the sides, cement floor and high sloped ceiling (10' and 20'). The ceiling is soft which really helps cut the echos (fabric covered insulation).

    Drums are really loud, we are thinking of putting up a baffle in front. It's looking like the biggest challenge will be to find a decent working volume. I'm sure this has been addressed before. I'd like to find a volume level that will work for practice as well as indoor center gigs. Our audience will be a real mix so ear shattering volume isn't going to cut it. I have a Yamaha EMx style PA with 2 floor monitors which should be plenty for practice. Might need to move this over to the pro sound section.
  5. Yeah, playing in big open reverberated rooms can be a real nightmare, and its usually best to keep the volume down as low as possible.

    Good luck