New bass and I am trying the photobucket thing

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  1. Here is my new to me MTD KZ 6. Or at least I will try.

    Diggin the crap out of it so far. Wont get into the particulars but got this for my NJS from a fellow TBer and so farI have no regrets. I am new to six strings and this is the first MTD anythingI have actually owned, so if there are things I should know or such things I'd love to hear it
  2. JohNLA


    Feb 18, 2009
    Are the pics suppose to be the size of thumbnails?
    Anyway, congrats on the new bass.
  3. no that didnt work as i had planned. I was trying to get the pig huge pics to show up in the thread. I am a computer dunce.

    Thanks though. If the kid wasn't about to go to bed Id stil be bangin away on it. I thought the Skylines were nice korean basses, but this thing exceeded my expectations by a bunch.
  4. well that was a flop. Oh well. On a semi related note, does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get a truss rod cover for this in the same wood as the pup covers and or where I might get some different kinds of pup covers?
  5. As far as the photos go ..... you may have loaded them to the site on a small setting. There are options.

    Nice bass!
  6. thank you. Those picswere the one the seller sent me, so I am going to takemy own, screw with them when I upload and try them again. I honestly think the pattern and grain on the top looks better on mine than the one on the MTD website, so I am hoping to get some good pics up. Why didn't anyone tell me about these things earlier? Coulda saved a bunch of money and hassle.