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    New Build…. I've always wanted a Fender Roscoe Beck 5 string, never had the $$, so I bought a couple of Fender Modern Player Jazz 5 pickups (I know … but I'll bet they're based on the Bill Lawrence design..).
    The Pickups:

    Because I don't really care for the Jazz body shape it'll be a Warmoth Deluxe 5 P Bass body (under 4lb 3oz).

    I really like the string spacing on The G&L L2500 so I've got a Hipshot A 5 bridge 687, with 17.5 pitch instead of the 19mm pitch of the RB bass.
    The Bridge:

    I'll get a 1.75 nut width (Like the G&L L2500) Warmoth neck (with graphite stiffening rods) instead of the Fender 1.875 wide nut... That will take care of the weight, shape and playability.

    For the electronics I'll have a Volume, Balance and Tone and a 3 way switch for each pickup= parallel, series and outer coil single…

    So I guess what I'm building is a Blacktop P Bass 5 with modified electronics…..

    I think this will be a nice counterpart to my other Warmoth build that Emulates the Fender Am. Dlx. P Bass V (only mine is passive and I like it that way)… I'll post pictures as the part acqusisition and build progresses….
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