New Bass Day, Human Base oc5

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  1. I waffle between scale lengths, in the end it's all about the sound. And, I really like the sound from this one. Bought it at "The Music Store" in Cologne, Germany last week. The guy jokingly referred to it as the "cheaper off-shore version" because it was made in the U.S. then quality checked in Germany. Well worth the price savings to me. I owned a German Warwick once, so I'm familiar with German basses. Have a look-see:
    Looking at the controls from top to bottom, first left column then right:
    Left -- Volume (push/pull active/passive) knob, Blend knob, Bass knob;
    Right -- Coil split switch, Active Treble/Passive Tone rolloff knob, midrange knob.
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    Nice looking bass. Congrats!
  3. kjpollo


    Mar 17, 2008
    Those are excellent basses! I played one several years ago at a GTG and came away wishing I had one of my own. Not yet, but someday..............
  4. Hardware close-ups:
    Internals, looks like an MEC preamp according to the volume module (right):
  5. xring


    Sep 16, 2003
    I had 2 X.OC5's at one time. I still have 1. I recognize the pre. (I had to have one replaced). It is a Glockenklang. These basses are very light, and just sound amazing, Awesome playability too.
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