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NEW BASS DAY: Squier Dimension Deluxe IV- REVIEW

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Alex Albu, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Alex Albu

    Alex Albu

    Jun 13, 2020
    hello everyone!
    i got my dinension around 30 hours ago and played it for at least 15 of them so i know it pretty well already. time for the review

    first thing first, physical aspects of the instrument.

    it is pretty heavy, definetely not uncomfortably so but on the higher end of the spectrum i would say. it has an offset body so even tho it is heavy it sits comfortably.

    maple neck is bolted on with 5 screws, maple fingerboard almost looks to be the same piece of wood as the neck but it probably isnt. looks like it tho
    hi gloss finish on the entire neck, including fingerboard and headstock and everything

    open gear back tuners, hi-mass fender bridge (with a big ass fender stamp on it, in all caps)

    no truss rod wheel unfortunately but oh well
    2 ply pickguard

    fit and finish are flawless, the lacquer on the neck is absolutely beautiful.

    nut width im pretty sure is 38mm. everywhere online it said 42mm but it absolutely isnt. it feels alot thinner than my 42mm p bass that i sold a day ago and considerably thinner than my 40mm mike dirnt p bass.
    i measured with a bunch of tools but they arent very accurate, all i can say is that it is most definetely thinner than my 40mm mike dirnt p bass so im going with 38mm (jazz style)

    fingerboard has compound radius, which means that it starts just like any classic fender bass but gets progressively flatter as you approach the upper register. it is extremely seemlessly done, not visible at all but feels great

    the neck also has a sort of slope as you approach the high frets. only on the side your fingers come into contact with. the neck profile sort of gets flatter in a way that also makes playing more comfortable. its not really visible but you can feel it.
    neck block also tapers away in a way that perfectly fits a palm, so as to not get in its way.

    overall, the bass looks and feels beautiful. playability is great, design is refreshing but still has a classic fender vibe to it

    soundwise, its..kinda what it looks like
    the pickup is a musicman style humbucker (non standard shape tho), but with fender style (smaller, raised) pole pieces.
    active preamp, 3 band eq ( cut and boost by 15db). i tried it without a battery and it works, volume knob works without a battery too so the master volume is passive.
    tonewise, it sounds kinda like a musicman with a slight jazz bass flavour. id say about 70% musicman 30% jazz bass, especially after you dial in the right eq parameters. it sounds very fendery with everything flat, but with some stingray-like growl added in. after boosting the treble and cutting the mids the stingray growl becomes quite obvious, which i love, but you can also still hear the fender in it. which isnt bad at all!

    overall, i absolutely love this bass and cant take my hands off of it. 200 euros brand new and with a brand new fender case included! it even has a warranty as it sat in a store for the past few years! this is definetely a keeper :3
  2. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    Eh........ the Squier Dimension never sound like Stingray even cheap Sterling SUB Ray4 or ibby ATK..... but more like Cort C4H with ton of MID heavy.
  3. Alex Albu

    Alex Albu

    Jun 13, 2020
    which is why i scoop the mids, as i said it sounds like a slightly jazz bassy stingray not 100% like a stingray
    edit: just looked at the c4h and i actually paid much less for the dimension than what a c4h would cost..tho its obviously much much better
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2020
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