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    Aug 12, 2004
    south carolina
    Having gotten a good deal on a near perfect Washburn/Status S-1000 bass, I took it to my Tuesday night gig, last week, where I play my medium size bass rig (Gallien Krueger 800rb and two JBL K140 15" speakers each in its own box), and an Boss compressor).
    I did not bring another bass, expecting nothing but good.
    I spent the whole first set adjusting and really unhappy with the sound of the S-1000. I almost drove the 18 miles to go home and get another bass.
    I was kind of stuck.
    It seemed that the one "tone" control made very little difference to the sound of this bass!?!?!????!!!!
    Well during the second set I heard a pop in my bass amp, and the sound of this bass improved a noticeable amount, and by the end of the third set, I found my sounds, somewhat better compared to the start of the gig.
    The next day I removed the preamp board in this S1000 bass, to inspect it. I noticed that there are two small electrolytic capacitors, that were of a mediocre grade and being 30 years old, with this bass living most of its life in a closet, I tagged these two caps on an order I was about to place for another project.
    The order arrived this morning, and in no time the old caps were out and the new caps were in.
    The two old caps tested close to the 2.2 uf value, but both had a huge ESR (leakage voltage). I tested the new caps and they tested out at 3.1 ohms ESR, and the originals were at 19 volts ESR.
    I replaced them with Nichicon Muse caps, which audiophiles love, as they were designed to be used at audio frequencies.
    I buttoned this bass back up and went out to my garage, where another similar bass rig is set up, and wow!!!
    What a difference in the sound of this bass.
    Now the tone control makes a large difference in the sound, and this bass has an incredible "punch" to it.
    Can't wait to play her tomorrow night!!!!!!!
    Sooooooo, on your old active basses, consider replacing those electrolytic caps, because they are most likely dried out, and are wrecking the sound of your bass.
    Thanks for reading all of this. Bruce
    P1040325.JPG P1040326.JPG P1040327.JPG
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    May 2, 2007
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    Wow I wouldn't have thought that but it makes sense. I've had them replaced in amps so logically it would make sense that a cap can leak in a preamp. Good job sorting it out.
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    May 2, 2009
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    I learned the hard way too.... ALWAYS bring a backup bass and amp to a gig! :thumbsup:
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