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    Sep 16, 2005
    Y'all check out my new baby! I just picked up this 2011 Fender Deluxe Jazz V yesterday, and sofar, am really blown away. I got this bass from a Nashville picker for an AMAZING price and can't believe how great this bass is for the money. For the last 4 years or so, my main bass has been a Sadowsky M5-24, and I swear this bass is better! (or, I like it better) Here are some observations good and bad:
    1. The B string is freaking tight! The B string is actually better than on my Sadowsky, much to my surprise. The open B and low C have more sustain and are a little tighter.
    2. The neck is just as fast. That really surprised me, since I have never like a Fender V before this bass. The compound radius really works, and I can reach the 21st fret easily thanks to the 5 bolt design.
    3. The bass is heavy! I haven't weighed it, but it feels about a pound heavier than the Sad. I think this is what gives it the better sustain. I can live with it though!
    4. The Sadowsky had a dead spot, or wolf tone on C# on the G string like all bolt on basses, but on this bass is less noticable. Still there a little bit, but much better sustain on this note.
    5. Love the slap tone. The midrange on my Sadowsky was a little harsh. On this bass it is perfect.
    6. Very even string balance. I don't notice my G and D string disappearing when I go up the neck.
    7. The pickups have a bit of noise. My friend with one of these has this two, and I may take it to him to have it shielded. Just a wee bit of hum in active mode-not in passive.
    8. The passive tone control can be used in active mode only. I really liked using the tone control in active mode on my Sad, so this is a bummer.
    9. The active mode is a significant volume bump from passive mode. I didn't notice this at all on my Sad.
    10. I LOVE the mid-range control. Seriously, I think if I designed an active circuit, all it would do is cut, boost, and have variable mid-range. That is what effects your tone the most anyway. Nice to have this on a bass.
    11. Fretwork is VERY VERY good. Best I have ever experience on a Fender. I love bound necks, but when you combine that with rolled frets, it is super comfortable. They are very even and level and the action is quite low without buzzing. This was my main worry, as I have loved the necks on my Sadowsky. This bass is just as good, or extremely close.

    Overall, I think this bass is a home run for Fender. It is not 100% perfect, but then it didn't cost $3000 (for a Metro!) either. Sure an Alleva Coppola or Sad, or lakland or Nordstrand might have advantages over this bass, but for the money, this bass is excellent.

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  2. Looks beautiful! Congrats man! :D
  3. bassbenj


    Aug 11, 2009
    Yes, Congrats and great review of the bass. It's cause for celebration that Fender has FINALLY decided that 5 string basses are for real! Gone are the half-hearted B strings and other complaints that older Deluxe V (like mine) have. These late model Fenders Vs really seem to be winners.

    Great score!
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