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New Bass Decision...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Tonto_Goldstein, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. I got some cash for Christmas and I have two choices...the Kingston MTD 535 or the Geddy Lee Jazz. The MTD 535's I am seeing online say something about being made in Korea now to make them more affordable. Is this the same MTD 535 that Embellisher and others have been raving about?
    Is there a quality issue with them being produced in Korea?

    I am thinking of going to Sam Ash - there is one about a half hour from my house. Anyone from Chicago know if they deal or are their prices firm? I am also thinking of getting rid of my MIM P bass. Do they take trades? What would be a fair price for me to look for? The bass is only 6 months old. It is in as close to perfect condition as possible (never gigged and completely babied), and is completely stock except for 2 month old strings.:confused:
  2. Flatwound

    Flatwound Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    I think you have the Kingston and MTD 535 confused. The Kingston is a low-priced (and from all reports really great) Mike Tobias-designed bass available with 4 or 5 strings. The 535 is hand-made by Mike. Giampietro has one now with a list price of $4290, if that helps. Musicians Enemy sells the Kingston 5 for $479 and up. They also have the MJ Heir, which is similar, but has a neck pickup in addition to the MM-style pickup, for $639.99 with a quilt top.

    I don't know what to recommend, though. I haven't tried the MTDs. I have tried a Geddy, and was highly impressed. If you want a five, the MTDs have it.
  3. Brooks


    Apr 4, 2000
    Middle East
    MTD is a 5-string, Geddy Lee is a 4-string. The only Fender 5 that is good is the Roscoe Beck - check it out. Otherwise, go with MTD, IMO.
  4. Yes, I already knew that the GL is a 4 and the Kingston is a 5 stringer. I just don't know if I am ready to move up to a 5 stringer or not. I didn't know that the 535 and the Kingston are completely different animals - Thanks! One of the deciding factors would be wether or not the Kington is worth the money (since I question the quality of a Korean built instrument). Upon further searching I have read that it is more than worth the money. So I will have to try and play both.

    One new question : can anyone tell me the difference between a rosewood and a maple fingerboard? Sound differences? Is one preferable over the other?

    Thanks again for the help!!

  5. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    usually maple fretboard are brighter sounding than rosewood ones. they have more attack but less warmth. keep in mind that this is referred to identical basses, you can't compare a maple fretboard with a rosewood fretboard if they are parto of different basses. and the difference are really little. i have a precision with maple fingerboard that is really warm in sound. to me the decision on maple or rosewood is quite more a cosmetic thing.
  6. I appreciate the input.
  7. I go to the one in Burbank...there is a Sam Ash and a GC about 5 blocks from each other. The Sam Ash in Burbank has its own Bass room which is good for testing all the gear - no other instruments to distract you. Its pretty nice comparied to the GC in Burbank - every time I go to GC it is full of kids who think they are Joe Satriani. :eek:
  8. The Burbank store is around 79th and Cicero in Burbank, so its probably not the same store.

    Maybe Talkbass should have a thread or a section for people to rate stores (sevice, selection, knowledge of employees)...maybe seperated by State and Country. Of course this would be bassed on peoples opinions but at least we could perhaps get a idea of what the local stores are like before we drop are hard earned money there. Moderators, what do you think of this idea?
  9. I think I saw an address for them in Chicago and it is not to far from my work....I will check them out and let you know how it goes.


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