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  1. My new sx's came in today. SPJ-62 in vintage white and a fretless SPB-57 in 3 tone sunburst. They were set up great out of the box, I just lowered the action on the fretted one. The only other thing that I've done is put Fender flats on the SPJ. The only real issues that I have, are that the tone knobs don't make any audible difference. I really have minimal plans for them. Probably a pot / orange cap upgrade and citristriping the necks will be my first and only move for a while. On to the pics: 001.gif
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    Hey I've never heard a fretless with maple before... can you pm me some soundclips or something? Thx!
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    They look nice! Pots are the only semi necessary thing to be changed on these things (assuming you don't get one with some major issues). Beyond that it's usually just preference or if you get the desire to mod for the heck of it.

    I might try a fretless some day.
  4. I had the SJM 62 that i sold off a while back to get a "better bass". I regretted it ever since, and after messing around with fenders and a peavey t 40 i just came back to sx's. They play as good as the fender fretless that i had, but I got two for the price of half. I'm planning on getting hard shell cases for my birthday in september. As far as soundclips, it might be a while, but i could probably swing it. I'm pretty pleased with the flats that came on it too.
  5. i'm glad to see they're still shipping the old headstock. I might have to pick up a P bass...
  6. I really wish they sold that sunburst P bass fretted...

    They have one in shortscale, and they have one as a PJ. Lame :spit:
  7. This my friend is proof you need a fretless. I find it hard to play fretted sometimes after going fretless.

    And I probably wouldn't have bought them if they were new headstock. Well okay I would have
  8. Hmmm.........:crying:
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    2 new basses on one day man gotta love that.