New Bass from Carvin

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Slater, Sep 11, 2000.

  1. Slater

    Slater Bye Millen! Hello?

    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
    I was just browsing around on Carvin's website, decided to take a look at the Bunny Brunel basses, and I saw "Coming Soon - BB76". I don't visit Cavin's website very often, so maybe this isn't all that new. Since I've been thinking of getting a 6-string, the idea of a BB76 was a real eye-brow raiser. If anyone knows any more about the new BB76, please post a reply :) .
  2. Player


    Dec 27, 1999
    USA Cincinnati, OH
    I was thinking of building a 6 and a BB type 6 neck would be what I'm looking for. I'll have to see if it'll have the wider string spacing like the BB75.