New bass, i need an amp

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  1. hey i just got a SoundGear bass for x-mas and i need an amp. I'm goin 2 be playing with a band (drums, leed, backup, and singer) and all i have is a practice amp (15watt champ >.<) wat should i get? i was thinking maybe a Peavey 70watt maybe, but after reading some other posts i come back to square one.

    oh ya, my $$$$ range is $400.00 (give or take a few)

    P.S. how is Johnson? crap? or wat? cuz there are a lot of 'em sellin on ebay CHEAP

    -thx Josh
  2. fender rumble 100, really loud 100 watts 15" speaker only $300
  3. thx buy im still confused on y Johnson Amps are so cheap...
  4. thats b/c the johnson amps are terrible. or so ive heard...
    id still go with a fender:D
  5. thought so, cuz i was on ebay, and Johnson 100watt amp = $88 lol

    but, wat about a Peavey 70 watt?
  6. *B*ring
  7. a peavey TKO 115 will keep up with a drum kit played lightly to medium in strength. Im no sound pro, but i've played a friends TKO with a sort of loud drummer, and I think it's probably the bare minimum for power. The tone isnt very versatile though.
    You can get some good gear for 400 bucks.

    Johnson Sucks.
  8. well you have $400 dont get a peavey they have no tone. either get a ampeg ba115 do a search on it u will find alot of people recomending this amp or scrape up some extra cash and get a yorkville xm200 200 watts of power through a single 15 inch driver loud as hell. there u go 2 very nice combos that will serve you well going wiht either.