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New bass impressions (Jam report/long)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kawai-chang, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. ***Disclaimer***
    I have not posted pics of this bass!! It may or may not exist!!

    That said.....

    I had been searching for a nice P bass for a few months. I had come tro realize that the bass tones that I dug the most, happened to be either P bass, or (maybe) J bass. The maple body/maple neck/rosewood board, and passive pickups.

    I had been playing a Pedulla Rapture, but was just not happy with the amplified tones that I was getting. (Boomy low, clicky high) so, after reading up on here (love this site) I had been scouring the classifieds and local shops for a good deal on a P bass.

    I stumbled acroos a very nice condition Peavey foundation S (with P&J p/u's.), at the local GC, and after whining and giving the "just kicked puppy dog" stare to my buddy the Asst. Mgr., he let me have it at a very reasonable price.

    so, it was the once-a-month jam for my buddies and I last night. 2 guitars, drums, me, and singer. We get together to bash through some Beatles, Stones, Faces, country, and general such noise.

    I was running the Peavey on a variety of pickup settings (vol/vol/tone), just to see what tones sat well in the caterwauling in the basement. (The V/V/T set up is very flexible, as an aside.) My rig is: bass->tuner->BDDI->effects loop return of a TubeWorks 3300 head (essentially using the BDDI as the pre.)-> Avatar compact 1x15".

    Well, I am pleased as punch to report the bass sounded just like I wanted. Lots of midrange-y punch, BIG bottom end that was not boom-y, but more solid-y (if indeed that is a word), and smooth highs that didn't have the upper end "air" tone I was getting from the active Pedulla.

    I was getting a very nice P tone that sat perfectly in with the "band"'s sound, and was present and discernable in almost all positions.

    Overall, I'm very happy to announce I have my first "I'll be keeping/buried with this one." bass.

    Thanks for reading this long-winded narrative. Just thought I'd share.

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