New bass or repair?

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  1. I currently have a Peavey Milestone II 4 string that I bought off of a friend last year for $75. Its served its purpose as my first bass, but it needs more repairs. When I bought it I had to replace the input jack and now it needs new wiring (I think) as the volume cuts out if I even touch the volume knob. The 5th fret on my G string is also pretty much dead. My question is rather I should keep paying the money to repair it or start looking for somehthing new?
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    Dosen't sound like it need much work. A new set of setings & set up would cost about $50 or so & it sounds like a loose wire or dirty pot that should be a freebee if the same shop does the set up.
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    I agree. Spend a bit on it now and it should last ya 10 or 20 years. Besides it's your "First Bass" - you should keep it forever regardless of how many basses you accumilate. I sold my first bass and I regret it now.
  4. Yep. Don't sell your first bass! You'll want it back within a year. Spend a bit of cash on it, or just shove it in a closet for a year or so (and loosen the strings if you do!). Unless you really need the cash (read: if you have cancer or equvalent and need medication)
  5. He didn't mention selling it, I'd say treat yourself nice and get a new bass :)