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New Bass player looking for bass tips

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by Amatuer, Oct 28, 2000.

  1. Amatuer


    Oct 28, 2000
    Hey I am just learning how to play guitar altogether but I am starting with bass because it is the coolest. I am wondering if there is anything I should really know before I start. So far I am only self tought.
  2. Welcome aboard, Am! :D

    I tried the self taught route back when I first started to play bass in 1990. It was OK, but I recently got back into playing again this year after a long hiatus. I started lessons from a bass instructor (as opposed to a guitar instructor who tries to teach bass!) in February and I am a thousand times better and more skilled in many areas than I was fending for myself. Plus, taking lessons makes you practice, and that's what makes you good quicker. So, my best advice is get a good bass instructor, and play along to lots of different CDs, and try to get out there and play with other people ASAP, even really simple stuff. This is all just my opinion of course, but there ya go :)

    Above all, HAVE FUN! Bass is a great instrument, and you as a bassist will be in demand, so make yourself as good as you can be....

    Good luck! -Dan
  3. and practice!!! practice=great! hehe build your technique young child.. lol if you have any questions.. this is the place to ask!

  4. Licketysplit


    Mar 15, 2000
    Practice, practice, practice, practice, and when you think you're done practicing, practice some more. Now onto the matter of what to practice.

    Practice at least 20 minutes a day, even if its just noodling around. When you first start, learn the basics, the names of the strings, how to tune, and learn how to read. Then work on technique. And it is very, very important to get a good teacher to help get you started, you can only go so far without lessons (many people will try to disagree on this, but trust me :)).
  5. Deynn

    Deynn Moderator Emeritus

    Aug 9, 2000
    Has anyone mentioned....Practice?....:)
  6. My main tip if you're just starting out is to get a metronome - nobody wants a sloppy bass player

    Otherwise just enjoy yourself doing it
  7. funkastorious


    May 26, 2000
    Mpls, MN.

    First off, what ya going to call yourself when you start rockin? j/k

    Anyhew, practice (as indicated above) does not make perfect, because if your playing with wrong technique, bad fingering, sloppy intonation, etc...you're only reinforcing bad habits.

    Hate to sound like Jeff Berlin, but only PERFECT practice make perfect.

    I'm not slamming self taught, because I am myself. But, I could have progressed much faster if I started with the right tools. Establish some goals and then meet them. Don't sit down to "practice" without a game plan. Otherwise, you are just goofing off. (which is fine, but don't call it practice).

  8. If possible, find other bassists in you area so they can show you some fundamentals;there's nothing like meeting and jamming with people who are already doing it. Also,Remember to have FUN!!!Let us know how it goes!!!
  9. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    My advice is listen and enjoy. What that means is that playing bass guitar has had an almost spiritual effect on my life: I've been playing for two-thirds of it!!!

    Anyway, enjoy it, no matter what you do!!!

    As far as what to listen to, listen to everything (including my favorite band: N'Sync). You'll pick up some of the most meaningful details even from that music which you don't normally enjoy. And, it'll translate into better playing!

    Most of all, ENJOY!!!
  10. Everyone has given great advice,I wish I had this when I was starting out.Don't forget to be openminded to a wide variety of music,teaching,techniques, philosophies, and concepts concerning bass(see Jeff Berlin). You can learn something from everyone.I hope I'm not being redundant.'Scuse me if I am.
  11. Truth2BeLies


    Mar 18, 2000
    I was self taught for about a year and a half I was getting pretty good at playing the bass ( at least that's what people said to me when they heard me play ) but I wasn't happy with my playing ability to much then. I went and took lessons from a bass instructor for about 6 or 7 months, afterwards I could tell that I got a lot better and I knew more about my bass. I am going to go back to taking lessons again I still need to improve in certain areas and my instructor will help me build my skill to a higher level. If you want to get good fast just practice a lot, I used to practice for like 2 hours a day when I first started playing ( now I cut it down to about an hour ). Learn at YOUR pace though.
  12. Yes, learning at your own pace is very important. I usually practice at least an hour (usually an hour and a half or two) about five days a week, and sometimes that can messed with a little bit if I am recording. But I just do what I am able and comfortable with because it's so important that you always have fun and enjoy it. Practice can get a little tedious with some of the routines I have to do, especially with theory and reading, but it DOES pay off so I always get through it.

    But everyone here can tell you, some days are just not good bass days....HOW do you play this !@$*!@&!@ thing?!!? Other days, you rule :)

    And EVERYDAY that you do play, you get BETTER!
  13. i recommend the book "essential bass technique" - sorry, dont have an author for you but its out there ... definitely useful - stops the self-enlightened (like me) ingraining bad habits. A metronome is a must - wish i had known from the start ... and a willing drummer is better. Apart from that - if it feels good, do it :)


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