New Bass Player Mag(Juan Nelson cover)

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  1. Has anyone read the new Bass Player? They seem to have put together a great issue. They finally did a feature on one of my fav players Ruben Rodriguez! It's a well rounded issue-hopefully Bill Leigh as the new editor will continue to improve the quality at BP (Now if they could just do something about the gear reviews!)
  2. Funny how the circulation is - I've had mine for at least a week.

    Glad they gave some props to a brutal bassist who deserves to be featured - Juan Nelson. Even Ben Harper says Nelson is the "musical genius" behind the Innocent Criminals.

    If that Conklin Groove Tools they reviewed has a "quilted maple top)" then my true quilted maple top must be made out of gem stones. I think they just put in descriptions the manufacturer tells `em to, whether it's B.S. or not.
  3. About 9 years ago, I was staying with my aunt in L.A. and I used to go down to a blues bar in Santa Monica that had open jams on like Tuesdays or something. The house bass player there was named Juan and I think his last name may have been Nelson. To my recollection, the Juan Nelson on the Bass Player cover could possibly be the same guy. He certainly bears the same physical characteristics.

    Since I was down there for several weeks, I went to that bar at least 3 times and hung out with Juan a bit when one of us wasn't playing bass at the time. He was a really nice guy and we both really liked Jaco. I think I gave him a tape I had brought of some live Jaco stuff from the New York City live recordings. I was learning Teen Town at the time and I think he was impressed. :D

    I bet this is the same guy! That would be really cool. He gave me his number on a card and I still have it somewhere, I wish I could find it. Then maybe I could verify the last name.

    Life's a trip!

    - Dave
  4. i like the distortion pedal reviews, that should answer a lot of questions we've been having. i wish they had done it in shootout format though.
  5. I wish the BP guys had to pay for the gear! And try it out through some "proletarian" amps. Yeah, try it out through the Aguilar, the Eden, the SVT, and the Glockenklang.....but how about also trying out the gear through the type of gear the guy making $50 a gig typically uses or the guy jamming in their bedroom? (But that gear doesn't get sent to them for free, I guess).

    Maybe it was just my interpretation, but I thought the two reviewers who were not BP staffers were much tougher in their comments, especially the younger guy.
  6. A magazine review of a product should never be regarded as a definitive critique, in that it is merely the opinion of the reviewer. If that review was done by, say, 30 bassists from different levels of ability, economic situation, and musical preferences, then it would be worth reading. Obviously, this is not practical, so view any review merely as somebody's opinion, not as gospel.