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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by griff2564, Jan 18, 2001.

  1. griff2564


    Jan 17, 2001
    Milwaukee, Wi
    I play bass in my church for a Gen X service(mostly light rock,and folk,with a drummer,and guitarist), and i am thinking about upgrading from the Peavey i have right now. My problem is two-fold: 1. How big is too big? The drummer and i have talked about starting a more rock/funk group ourselves, and i know the Peavey won't cut it. Yet i don't want to overpower everyone during the church service. i do send a preamp signal to the PA, but it just doesn't cut it onstage, since i am right next to the drummer. 2. I am currently in college, and on a tight budget, so as much as i would love to buy an ampeg, or SWR rig, it ain't in the budget. So i need something reasonable, that will get the job done for both church and any future work i might do. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. camerondye


    Nov 7, 2000
    I would suggest a Nemesis 2-10 combo. It has enough power to compete with a drummer. It has a real clean tone, and only weighs 48 pounds. It also has a super clean line-out that I have never had any problems with. I play in a funk band and they love my sound with my musicman stingray. Also, you can get it at for $589.95. I have bought a couple of things from them and have had excellent luck and customer service. They will send it to you free also, anything over like $150 get sent free.
  3. griff2564


    Jan 17, 2001
    Milwaukee, Wi
    Thanks for the suggestion.I played a Nemesis 4-10 combo today,and i was very impressed. It was used, but still in good shape. I played it side by side with a G-K 700RB/210 combo. The Nemesis was much better. Now i need to save up the cash for it. Thanks for the suggestion, I would have never thought of that manufacturer myself
  4. >i am thinking about upgrading from the Peavey i have right now

    Are you referring to your TNT combo (from your profile ?).

    Peavey has a wide variety of amps for different uses. I am a big fan (as many here know) and never hesitate to recommend the brand.

    Also, if you're on a tight budget, you won't go wrong with Peavey, especially in the used gear market. Look into something like a Combo 115.

  5. Lightngsvt


    Jan 13, 2001
    If your on a budget and want that awesome SWR sound, check out the Working man's series. I bought a Workingman's 12 as a practice amp and I love it (my band was impressed by it too). They can be had new for around $500, very reasonable! After buying this amp and try some "real" SWR gear, Im considering replacing my Ampeg V4-BH and 2- SVT 410 PRo cabinets with an SWR Bass 500, or Mo'Bass head and a 15' and 410 cabinets (not cheap, about $2500 for all 3).