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  1. Well,

    As I'm sure many TB frequents have seen ove rthe past few weeks, I've been inquiring about many different basses. Throughout the past few weeks, I have been in and out of my local GC trying out anythign and everything I could get my hands on, and taking basses home to give them a shot while under the 30 day money back guarantee.

    I tried the MM stingray...didn't cut it.
    Played numerous spectors...didn't cut it.
    Brought home a Warwick FNA Jazzman...didn't cut it.
    So yesterday I went in to return the warwick and get my money back so i could just sit on the cash for a while (not literally) and just think about what bass i wented...

    Then I saw it on display for their nationwide clearance sale. They had the Fender American Deluxe FMT Jazz Bass in a cherry burst, which i had tried and loved weeks before, but it was a bit out of my price range...(1575 w/o tax). But it was on sale for $1199.99! So I decided to bring it home. I went straight to a band practice, and got to try it out right away. And it sounded FANTASTIC. It was everything that I loved about my old jazz bass, and it did everything that my old jazz could not. The tone(s) were excellent...crisp, punchy, warm, could do the whole lineup. Great mid-rangey punch to cut throguh with a great slap tone.

    So I've decided to give it one more rehearsal and then make a final decision.

    The only other basses I had in mind to 'try out' were a modulus genesis (which was a bit more expensive and harder to find) and a Kubicki only dilemma is that I really can't try them out at this point. If I do, I would have to return the jazz bass to get the funds to buy/try the other two basses and if after all that, I think the jazz bass takes the cake, I would end up paying the full price for it again.

    So I now must decide if I can live without knowing if I'd like the other two better...It sounds liek I'm uncertain about the jazz-bass, but I really do love the tone. It's just the thought of "what if???" concerning the other 2 basses.

    Any comments on this fender or the modulus genesis or kubicki ex-factor which I mentioned earlier would be great! I know it's my decision and I haveta do what i feel is 'right' in my mind, but input and comments from others are very welcome.

    Also, can someone tell me if having a bass with a string-thru bridge (through the body), creates more string tension? What does it do besides increasing sustain of the notes?


    Oh, and I'll post some pics of this beaut in a minute...

  2. pictures in a while...I haveta recharge the battery for the digi-cam.
  3. I'm extremely pleased with my American Deluxe. The preamp really does it for me. Enjoy it!
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  5. one last time...with a picture
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    Matt R Miller

    Apr 27, 2003
    hot damn. graham do you know when BotB is at central?
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    Oh, and matt...I'm not sure on that. I'm guessing you'd have an easier time finding out actually, cuz I believe it's the junior class (council) that runs it every year...
  9. Stop second guessing yourself. If you're comfortable with the jazzbass, then keep it. It looks like a really nice bass that I would consider buying someday when I have money. Fair price too. Best of luck with it.