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  1. So, after a party at my aunt's . I decede to go to Daddu's to spend the money I have. I go in there looking around, then I find an Alverez 6 string. I was thinking to myself "Holy Sh**, I want a 6 string" And I play it for a while, it sounds amazing, very very very smooth plays good too, and it didn't weigh a ton. So I put it on lay away. But I am not sure what model it is, I am pretty sure it is and older model. But there was no way to find out. It had a trans. orangey finish. If any one could post pics of their alverez 6ers, it would make identifying mine a lot easier. Thanks:D :bassist: :D :D
  2. check out their site
  3. No, I already did, it is different. Trans reddish orange color, 2 J pup's slightly different body shape
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    my first bass was an old alvarez villain 5 string. i still got it, but it hasn't seen the light of day in 8 or so years...i think i might sell it to someone who will play it.
  5. The one I found is.....some model I don't know, but for a passive bass it has a good sounding B
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  7. Pictures anyone? of alvarez 6ers, older models
  8. *Kabump*
  9. One last time, just to see if there are any takers...