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  1. Hey I own a yamaha standard p-bass thats about $25 at your local guitar center. I have never made a big purchase towards my bass guitar, yet i have a nice swr combo amplifier, and i get to fool around with my friends pedals. Though, by the end of the summer, i'm getting a new bass with summer job money and parents help.
  2. some guy#2

    some guy#2

    Feb 3, 2001
    I don't think you can buy any Yamaha bass (NEW) for 25.00!

    Aside from this, what is your point?

    What bass/es are you eyeing up (considering buying)?
  3. You'll have to be more specific. How much are you willing to spend? Is there a particular sound you're after? Regardless, here's a short list of basses in the $1000 area.

    Reverend Rumblefish XL (actually less than $1000 and a very fine bass! I have the regular Rumblefish.)
    Musicman Stingray or Sterling (usually a little over $1000 I think)
    G&L L-2000
    DP Custom (if you don't mind waiting and you know exactly what you want)
    Carvin (but these are usually love/hate, and it's a little difficult to play one first. I actually think they're a good deal. I have a B5.)

    There should be plenty more from which to choose, but this should get you thinking.:)