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new bassist with string question

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Jeff Brisk, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. I'm new to the upright bass world, just bought a 1962 Kay M-1. I also just bought a set of Pirastro Obligato strings for it and need advice on the correct way to install strings on my upright so I get best sound, no slippage etc, any advice will be appreciated!
  2. http://www.eclecticbass.com/
    Tons of Information on this site Jeff. I think hes got string instillation. You can spend a day on..ALL HAIL BOB`s..site. Check it out..

  3. Obligatos take some special care.
    First, measure the string length from the nut to the bridge and write it down. Keep it for future reference.
    Second, with a straight edge and a SOFT lead pencil, being careful not to crack the varnish, mark the corners where the bridge feet set on the bass top.
    This is because Obligatos stretch alot when installed. As you keep tightening to raise the pitch, very often the bridge gets pulled upwards and the feet separate from the top.
    When you first install Obligatos, you will be retuning every 15 minutes for a few hours. They'll stretch out of tune for a few days. But when they settle, you'll love the sound.
    The next day, measure the string length to see if the bridge has pulled up. If so, take some tension off the string and pull the bridge into its original position and immediately bring the strings up to pitch again.
    Any problems, just holler.
  4. Follow Donosaur's advice on this. I did when I put on my obs and was fully prepared when the bridge started tilting. It might not happen to everyone but it did to me.