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New Blues Recording

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by lowblues, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. Come check out the sample of our new CD called "Into Something". We are fools for a groove. I want to know what you all think. So COME ON! Check it out at www.howlersblues.com and go to the mp3 section. I also did the art work on the CD so comment on that also.


    Nov 22, 2001
    Columbus ohio
    the cover looks real nice i did listen to walkin papers and also rollin and tumblin when is the cd comin out i will take one what can i tell you i love the blues check out my site for some more good blues nice work andy
  3. Thanks Frank!

    I'd love to check out your site. What is it?

    Did you have any trouble with the mp3's? How long did it take you to load them?

    Wake up the, rest of you! Need and want some feed back here.



    Nov 22, 2001
    Columbus ohio
    hey andy click on the www icon or
    it did not take too long to download the songs i will listen to the rest after the weekend i got a busy weekend with our band and i got to practice tonight i let you know what i think you can send us some feedback as well thanx
  5. Hey Frank!

    Went to your web sit and loaded the tunes. That's some real heavy driving blues!!! You guys did that with a 3 piece??!!! I always thought that a 3 piece can sound more powerful than bands with more guitars, keys, horns etc.

    How was it recorded?

    On an update, our tunes will be mastered starting 10:00am tomorrow 2/15/02 by Dave Collins of Marcussen Mastering. (www.marcussenmastering.com). Our guitar player Perry can hardly sit still. These guys have work some really big names so we are pumped to have them do our little project. Check out their web site. (It's a shamless plug I know, but hey...)
  6. Flash


    Feb 3, 2002
    Salem, Oregon
    Is your Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan re-incarnated or what?

    Sounds good....gotta love the blues baby...For those wanting to add clips to their sites....Goldwave makes is a geat little program....not so good for making full MP3's though.
  7. Hey Flash...

    Stevie Ray incarnate... I'm not sure about that but he is a mutt of about half dozen blues greats. Perrys really studied his blues guitar. He still thinks that he just plays Freddy King, Albert Collins, Ronnie Earl, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, and BB King knock off licks. But he is a blues guitarist in his own catagory with his own sound. After listening to him for almost 10 years now, I can safly say he is in a world of his own. Thanks for the kind words.



    Nov 22, 2001
    Columbus ohio
    hey andy cool stuff you guys sound great,our cd was recorded in our own studio the quality of the sound on the cd is amazing we left all the drum and bass tracks alone no overdubs we sent the cd to get mastered and preesed we have sold over 400 cds this year not bad we think,we are going to a local studio for our second cd recording on march 29 and 30 to lay our bass and drum tracks down our band is the real thing real blues we played at the 6th annual millenium music conference this weekend and made some good conections keep me informed about your projects and i will do the same
  9. Will Do Frank...

    We received our cd back from the mastering house. Just needed a few little tweeks. Then it will be off for duplication. Some one pinch me as I can't believe this thing is finally done. And to think that the guys are already talking about doing another one. Geeze...


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