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New Cabinet

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. well i got a new cabinet yesterday...a peavey 410tx :hyper:
    great 410, really deep like a 15 but alot tighter.....pics soon :D
  2. Danm


    Sep 24, 2003
    Canberra Australia
    Those Peavey cabs are underrated IMO...

    Played a tiny little room with a Peavey 810 not long ago.. Really moved some air (and I didn't have to lug it)...

    Are you bringing your gear down to the GTG??


  3. im not sure if ill bring my cabinet and head (all peavey baby)...its a toss up...but im definately bringing my ksd
  4. Danm


    Sep 24, 2003
    Canberra Australia

    Cya on the weekend
  5. Funky Doctor

    Funky Doctor

    Aug 28, 2003
    Who wants me to bring my newly acquired avalon U5 to the GTG?
  6. Damn you all, however in time my rig shall become complete *insert evil laugh* I really wish I could find a peavy 210 :crying:
  7. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    (Puts hand up). Me, Me, Me.
  8. mmm... all i need now is a peavey 15bx or another 410tx :hyper: ..then a mark 4 head, i might just have to settle for an ampeg pre coughjamescough....oooo yeah....peavey is the shiznizzle
  9. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    Fremont, Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    I recently scored a 410TVX along with a Kustom Groove Bass head on ebay. The kicker was that it was a local pickup sale only, so I had to have a friend of mine in Dayton pick them up. Hopefully, I can get down there soon to pick these up. My guess is that I will end up reselling the cab and possibly the head, too, but I am looking forward to hearing them both. Peavey makes very good cabs in their price range. I played a 210TX for years, and I still think highly of it. However, I am trying to stick to cabs slightly smaller than a 4x10, as they get wide to carry up and down steps.

  10. popinfresh


    Dec 23, 2004
    Melbourne, Aus
    I want to bring my gear to the GTG :( Unfair.
  11. Mr_Dave


    Mar 11, 2005
    Melbourne, Australia
    Employee - Basscentre Melbourne
    yeah me too! now that i actually have a piece of gear i can show off!!! :D
  12. my god this cab PWNS!!! :eek: ..i had my first gig with it friday night and i paired the peavey tx (8ohm) with my ashton 15 (8ohm) with my peavey MK III head (150w @ 4 ohm) and my god did it fill the place, clean sound (until the battery in my ksd started to die) and they were asking my to turn it down when my pre and post gain was on 5 each :hyper: ..i cant wait to get my ampeg pre coughjamescough and some sort of power amp..

    pics soon i promise :hyper: iwas goin to take my mothers digi cam to the gig, but i forgot to take it :D
  13. YAY :hyper:
  14. Never tried that 15, but hell yeah on peavey cabs!!!!!!
  15. thats because ashton is average/cheap australian stuff...but it sounds great, no tweeter and a celestion speaker.....good for $500aus....thats how much im paying for the peavey too :D
  16. pickles

    pickles Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2000
    Ventura, CA
    I A/Bed a 410TX against and SWR Goliath 2 for about 2 hours one time with a full band using an SWR SM-400S for the head. We all gave a slight sound edge to the SWR, but it was very very close. I ended up taking the SWR back to the shop and stuck with my TX (then I added a second one).

    I also used to have that same head you're running. At some point you can upgrade your head and you'll be pumping! The MkIII isn't a real powerhouse.
  17. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis Supporting Member

    Dec 11, 1999
    I just sold my two year old Peavey Pro 410 and replaced it with a Genz Benz 610T-XB2. Killer cabinet !


    It was shipping from the Genz Benz factory in Scottsdale Arizona yesterday. Gonna take 10-15 days to get here. That kind of sucks, but it'll be well worth the wait. :hyper:

  18. I have one of these Peaveys, and although it's not my main cab anymore, it's a good one. As I understand it, its design was based on the Goliath II (rear ported, compact, yadda, yadda, yadda). I altered the crossover on mine to make the tens full range, and help alleviate the pretty noticeable mid range dip the cab has. It's interesting that Peavey followed other cab makers around the same time by changing to a larger box (TXF then TVX), with front porting (like SWR Goliath III and Eden 410T to XLT). Seems everyone wanted bigger bottom, but the cabs got even heavier, obviously. But the TX still has a place.
  19. ah right, well, i like the 15's cab ive got, that cost £75 (~$180 Aus) [www.xe.com], that sounds great, no tweeter, 2x15" BW's ;)

    Wonder why the lower cones on your 410 are a different colour, well, the center bit
  20. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    Looks to me like the top ones were re-coned. That's not a drama. It's still essentially 4 of the same speaker.

    If it were my cab, I'd be opening it up and making sure they aren't mis-matched replacement speakers. If you've gt say 2 BW's and 2 Eminence speakers in there, you're up for problems down the track.