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New Cabs!! (ok, not new, not bass)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Chad Michael, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Bought 3 of these. Our band uses 3 of them for vocal monitors, and between gigs, I use 2 of them in my music room (band practice and general music listening). They sound great!!! They're beat up, but I care not - good sound is good sound.

  2. ... all JBL 'MR' series seem to like a touch of EQ:

    +3 dB @ 80 Hz
    -3 dB@ 1kHz

    Once you achieve this, they sound like buddah. A veritable plethora of tone (in my book).


  3. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    You just can't go wrong with JBL loudspeakers in my humble opinion.
  4. The MR series monitors (and all other MR series speakers) from JBL have been discontinued for over two years now, and different vintages of them defintely sound VERY different. I used to have four from 1994 that sounded fantastic, great lows, great mids, highs and good power handling, but when A/B'ed against the later versions which were outwardly cosmetically identical, the old ones blew the new ones away. I got curious and disassembled them both. The bracing was different. So was the acoustic filler and they didn't have the same model drivers, horn or woofer. I don't remember the numbers on the drivers but the difference between the two speaker was drastic. All had original factory componets, too, BTW.
  5. Hmmm, did you notice if the older ones were the MR800 series, vs. the later being the MR900 series (MR900 - SonicGuard, speakons)?

    Also, the 800 series had a heavier magnet on the HF compression driver, where the 900's had a slightly smaller one.

    The difference in sound you describe would be good to know in case I ever buy more MR's.

  6. When I first started playing bass 100 years ago (just kidding) JBL was the speaker to have in your cab. Back then it was the D140 with the shinny aluminum dust cap. That was the statis symbol for a bass cab. Does JBL make any speaker cabs specifically for bass guitar these days?
  7. ...never heard a JBL I didn't like. With the possible exception of the 'TR' series. No offense to TR owners, but the highs sound a bit 'pinched'.
  8. That sounds right. BTW, I don't care for JBL's SR speaker line for anything but monitors. Their PA speakers strike me like this, "What flavor of 3 kHz would you like?"
  9. Yes!! I remember, JBL's 15 was the shiz!!!! Especially in the 'Cabaret' series cabinet.

    They still make the E140 8 ohm, which is described as a bass guitar speaker. They don't make a bass guitar cabinet anymore, tho.