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New Carvin BXR stuff

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by winston, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. winston

    winston Supporting Member

    May 2, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    Just found a link to some of the new Carvin BRX stuff over at Harmony Central...haven't seen a thread here about it yet. http://www.carvin.com/products/group.php?CID=BRX Looks promising--a powerful kickback 12" combo, lightweight Neo 2x10 (46#) and 4x10 (76#) Neo cabs. The B500 and B1500 heads have been getting some great reviews around here. A Carvin outlet just opened in Sacramento...I should head over and see if they've got any of these to try.
  2. Blues Cat

    Blues Cat Payson Fanned Bass Strings Owner Supporting Member Commercial User

    May 28, 2005
    Katy, Tx
    Payson Fanned Bass Strings Owner
    I have the BRX12 w/the B1500 & this is a winning combination. Sounds like there's an 18" in the cab.
  3. SBassman


    Jun 8, 2003
    Northeast, US
  4. v-12


    Mar 3, 2005
    FL Panhandle
  5. Facing downward and to the front at a 45 degree angle, below the 12 that you see. You can just see a bit of the edge of the second 12 in that pic.

    Haven't played the new combos yet but am a big fan of the B1500 amp.
  6. SBassman


    Jun 8, 2003
    Northeast, US

    Mmm, I have never seen that before. Is this common and I have never noticed, or is this some fairly new thinking?
  7. ICI


    Mar 8, 2006
    I think that Sunn used to have a down firing 18" with a 12" on top straight ahead (I've been wrong before). And the Schoeder cabs are similar but they angle to the side.
  8. MakiSupaStar

    MakiSupaStar The Lowdown Diggler

    Apr 12, 2006
    Huntington Beach, CA
    Been a big fan of Carvin for a long time. Reasonably priced. American made. Great customer support. I've had the Carvin R600 head, a 350W Carvin combo powering a single 15" (can't remember exact model number), a Carvin PA plus speakers (our monitors are still Carvin) and my 4x10 cabinet is a Carvin Red Eye. As far as amps go I'll vouge for both, in fact, I think the 350Watt head has a lot more punch, and I keep it in our studio space where I play it on a weekly basis. I've tried out the B1500 and I was really impressed. Main complaint about the R600 head is that it was too "heady", very clean, but difficult to dial in a nice punchy tone. B1500 was juicy and punchy. Good simple interface and easy to use. I was really impressed. Would have purchased, but I'm just really satisfied with my current set up. Hope this helps you.

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