New CD: Alvin Fielder / Damon Smith/Danny Kamins/Joe Hertenstein

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    Danny Kamins / Damon Smith / Alvin Fielder / Joe Hertenstein

    These 10 relaxed quartet improvisations move between sound and swing with little effort. Houston has a great improvised music scene, but is light on drummers, Danny Kamins & I found ourselves with two fine percussionists in town at the same time. We had access to a good studio and were able to capture the detail of the music.
    It is a case of four generations of musicians being able to find so much common ground because of different experiences in the music and not in spite of them. It also shows to continued renewal of material from all historical periods of improvised music.

    Danny Kamins- baritone saxophone
    Damon Smith- double bass
    Alvin Fielder- drums, percussion
    Joe Hertenstein- drums, percussion

    Free Improvised music
    Front cover painting by Jerome Bryerton, oil on canvas
    Three photos for Luc Tuymans by Damon Smith

    Recorded at SugarHill Studios in Houston, Texas, on April 1st, 2016