New CD: Henry Kasier / Ra Kalam Bob Moses / Vinny Golia / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter

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  1. This album is out pretty soon after the recording. I had the idea for the artwork, by the great visionary abstract filmmaker Jordan Belson before the concert/recording, which helped move it along faster.
    It is NEVER too early to work on any aspect of an album! This was a studio recording at Ra Kalam's place with his big drum set that had lots of great added percussion. I had to go direct (which I have never done) to make it work with two strong drummers (+ guitar and multi-reeds) in the room. I am happy enough, in an '70s sort of way, with my sound. It a DI from Clarus 1 and Barcus Berry clamp.
    It is two long-form improvisations:

    This was the sound I was going for, probably my favorite old DI sound (We need a Sirone thread over in Bassists!)

    The CD comes with a 12 page booklet of pastel drawings by Jordan Belson, many are featured here:
    “It’s a glorious thing if you don’t expect an explanation.” Jordan Belson on his Art
    Here is one of the films he is known for:
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    Wow. Congratulations on what sounds like a very cool album with great collaborators.
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  3. Thanks! HK is your neighbor in the SC mountains!
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  4. Trailer/Promo video by Henry Kaiser:
  5. Here is a trio clip with Vinny Golia, Ra Kalam Bob Moses & me:
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  7. Review of Astral Plane Crash from the great Downtown Music Gallery:

    VINNY GOLIA / HENRY KAISER / DAMON SMITH / RAKALAM BOB MOSES / WEASEL WALTER - Astral Plane Crash (BPA Spa 018; USA) Featuring Vinny Golia on assorted reeds, Henry Kaiser on guitar, Damon Smith on amplified acoustic bass and Rakalam Bob Moses & Weasel Walter on drums & percussion. Amongst the two dozen or so releases that Bay Area guitarist Henry Kaiser has been involved in over the past few years, the Plane Crash Trio, ranks near the top of the great heap. Their two previous releases, ‘Plane Crash’ (on ugExplode) and ‘Plane Crash Two’ (New Atlantis), showed them to be one of the best free/jazz/rock power trios of the past decade! Originally this trio was based in the Bay Area, but since then bassist Damon Smith moved to Texas and now lives in Boston. Drum wizard, Weasel Walter, now lives in Brooklyn and works with a number of NY’s finest: from Lydia Lunch to Peter Evans. A few months ago, in the Spring of 2018, the Plane Crash Trio reunited in Boston to play one gig and record in the studio. They decided to add two other special musicians: Vinny Golia (on reeds: bari sax, sopranino, flute) from L.A. and Rakalam Bob Moses (drums & percussion). Both of these players are veteran musicians with long, diverse & creative resumes. And both push the level of focused interaction higher and higher. Weasel Walter came to visit us at DMG last month to drop off his duo CD with Peter Evans. He talked about this session and mentioned that working (& hanging out with) with legendary drummer Rakalam Bob Moses was a wonderful experience. Both drummers here come from varied backgrounds yet they work together incredibly well, the interplay is often extraordinary. Mr. Golia also brings something special here, switching between bari sax, sopranino & flute, taking his time to solo at length with each axe. As I write this review/blurb (8/1/18), the discs are on their way and should be here shortly. Mr. Kaiser did send me an promotional excerpt video which can be viewed here: - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
    CD $15