New Chorda A and E Tonight - Jam Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Dilbertisme, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. The package from Bob Gollihur arrived today, and even though I have a three-hour old-time jam tomorrow and a rehearsal on Monday, I just couldn't resist the lure of such shiny, golden strings. (Ooo, shiny!) They are regular weight Garbos, and I'm hoping they make better partners for the plain gut D and G than the Spiro Mittels and Obigatos I've tried so far.

    First impression is very positive, both sonically and tactility, but the proof is in the playing. They sure are stretching, though. Hope I wasn't crazy to put them on tonight! Think I'll go tweak them up to pitch right now . . .
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    Good luck with that. Those are great strings. Me, personally, I usually give myself (at least) a good week before I debut newly installed gut strings (with multiple daily tunings), so as to a allow for proper stretching and better tuning stability.
  3. Three hours holding down the bass part playing old-time fiddle tunes in D than A today, and man oh man, I am one happy guy! The Garbo E and A are a perfect tension match with the plain gut D and G - I can really pull these things, just like the guts. I love the hefty diameters and the not-quite-perfectly-smooth feel of the polished copper wrap. And the sound! Huge and punchy. I was able to shift down an octave and keep a solid pulse going on the bottom two strings, something I never felt comfortable doing with the Spiros or Obligatos - I always felt like no one could hear me, and the groove just wasn't there. My Eastman ply seems to like the low tension; even the gut D and G sounded better.

    Yes, the Garbos are still stretching and needed tweaking after every tune, but it was no big deal. Maybe because the day was super hot and dry (we played outside), but the new strings held their pitch remarkably well.

    I think I sounded great, anyway. Something must have been apparent, because twice I was asked "Did you get a new bass?" In a way, I did. Can't wait for the string band rehearsal tomorrow.

    I just hope they don't turn out to have some fatal flaw, like sudden breakage or causing my hands to break out in hives. (I can live with having my skin turn green and/or black from the copper.)

    Sorry for the soliloquy, but who else would listen to someone wax rhapsodic about bass strings? :p

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