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  1. I am probally getting a Cirrus bass,I like funk,r&b and gospel. What type of Cirrus 4 string should I get? What body,what fingerboard?
  2. Papersen

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    Mar 22, 2002
    The Cirrus Line has such a wide variety of options that sometimes it`s a bit hard
    to decide, mainly considering the cost of a new one.

    This is a general tone description (according to Peavey):

    Maple / Alder: Articulate, clear highs, punchy mid-range and warm lows.
    Bubinga / Walnut: More accentuated mid range with extra punch, especially in the low mids. Sweet highs, accentuated mids and low mids, and warm lows.
    Redwood / Alder: light weight, even smooth sounding, without excesive presence of bass.

    The higher end models (Tiger Eye) offer sweepable mids, a really useful tool.
    Also consider that a Maple fretboard will provide a snappier sound, more suitable for slapping.

    I own a 4 strings Maple / Alder and just love it. Maybe you like a darker, heavier tone, in that case go for one with a dense wood.

    Hope it helps
  3. I have a Cirrus 5 with a Redwood body and I love it. It is very suitable for most any type of sound. I string mine up with the Cirrus strings also and the sound is very well balanced. Be careful with the type of strings you use though. I was an avid user of DR Hi-Beam and Lo Rider stainless strings when I bought this bass, but when I tried them on this bass they had a very hi-fi probably due to the 18V preamp and hot pickups in these basses. Overall, I am very happy with this bass. I searched for about 2 yrs to find a bass that I was gonna be completely satisfied with and I am with this bass. You wouldn't be disappointed with this either.

    Check on Ebay for a better deal. I got mine brand new on Ebay for $1000 and it goes for $1400 or so on Musicians Friend.
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    Oct 9, 2002
    Austin, TX
    I keep hearing great things about the bubinga/walnut wood combo, msang. I think I remember that the bass in the hammond.wma file being discussed in another thread is a bubinga/walnut Cirrus.

    I have an alder/maple/pau ferro wood combo Cirrus and absolutely love it - I really like the slap tones I get out of it.

    I've got a walnut-bodied custom Cirrus on the way, something to keep the first one company and hopefully give a slightly warmer, woodier sound.

    Refined: I string my Cirrus with DR Fatbeams and have been hugely pleased. Might give those a try...
  5. Musicians Friend is great to deal with when it comes to Peavey. I recentely ordered a Maple 4 with Maple Fretboard and it was $1180 shipped.