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    Aug 18, 2006
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    I have 2 MM 20th annniv SR5's which I love, I had to get out of my Lull P5, during my search I seen this at The Low End, it's a Clover Apeiron H.5
    I've been spending a lot of time with Brian on getting a bass with a 34" scale & a narrow string space like my MM's, to help out with the carpel tunnel I have in both hands, Brian felt this would be a good addition to the MM's.
    I have to say he was right on, this bass is great.
    Also BTW, Brian is an incredible retailer, he is my go to source form here on.
    I haven't had much time on it yet but Clover is definitely building a good bass. The Delano's are killer, & their pre amp is fine also. The pup's to me sound modern, they have their own distinctive tone. The bridge pup is interesting with the way it splits, the mini toggle flips it from an MM to a passive Jazz & cuts out the pre amp. Clover warns about possible noise from the single coils ,but I didn't get any hum at all. The bridge spacing is 18.5 with a + 0r - 5mm. I won't be surprised if they get a better presence here in the U.S Also the B is friggin' tight & strong, no floppy B here!
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