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New Conklins

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by David-Adler, Aug 22, 2001.

  1. David-Adler


    Feb 28, 2001
    Bonn, Germany

    did you notice the new Conklin Homepage ? They actually now have a lightwave bass.

    JT, when is one of these going to be yours ?

    Also, at the "Artists" Section I found this one:

    Artist | Band | Instrument
    John Turner | Lord Only | Extensive Custom Conklin Collection
  2. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    yeah, about time i got some props on the site, eh? :D ;)

    bill's making a lightwave 5 and 6 which are intended to eventually be marketed as groove tools instruments, believe it or not. they will be very reasonably priced.

    there aren't any plans for a 7 string lightwave bridge at this time, so unfortunately i won't be able to experience the "sound of light" on any of my basses any time soon.

    to be honest, they sounded good, but i wasn't impressed enough to really go ape over them - there were certain eq settings where they acted like microphonic pickups - every little ping and rap on the body got picked up pretty heavily. other than that, they had a great sound, and a wide range of sound, but they didn't sound that much better than my magnetics to really make me want to switch over at any costs. furthermore, the bridge mechanism sorta gets in the way of my plucking a bit - i pluck right over the bridge sometimes, but i can't do that on these, due to the nature of the bridge enclosure.

    minor issues, but enough for me. still though, they're very cool, and i am excited to see where the technology goes.
  3. What is the Conklin sites adress, i can't find it
  4. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
  5. David-Adler


    Feb 28, 2001
    Bonn, Germany
    John, on the website there is written:

    "The Lightwave System is a $700 Option on every custom bass".

    You can also check this out by checking out the "Build a custom bass" page.

  6. David-Adler


    Feb 28, 2001
    Bonn, Germany
    John, another question. Now that Lane Poor is out of busines, what pickups are you going to use on your new basses ? Or are you stoping to get new conks ?

    Anyways, I love that Conklin Seven with the 2-Part Melted Top consisting of I think dark walnut (or ebony) and maple. It looks like hot chocolate running over a cookie or something like that...
  7. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    While Lightwave doesn't make a 7 string bridge, they do make individual string bridges, so you could alwasy get 7 of them for a bass. But, I'm with you--I liked them, but not enough to just have a lightwave pickup. I do too much palm muting at the bridge to make it work right for me. But, the Zon fretless that I played with the lightwave was one of the nicest sounding basses I have played in quite a while.

    I notice the John Turner artist page is blank--Better get that cd done, JT!!!

    The new Conklin site is a VAST improvement over the old site--even if there are some dead links. Very nice design.
  8. frederic b. hodshon

    frederic b. hodshon

    May 10, 2000
    Redmond, WA
    Microsoft Product Designer
    the new bridge system not only is monolithic, but eliminates the "shrouds" that were on the old bridge.

    SO...playing closer to the bridge end of the instrument will be much easier.

    as far as the clackiness is concerned, sounds like you had the IceTone circuit way up. on the first series the IceTone was far from musical. i rarely used it.

    UNTIL, i got my electronics upgrade...now it sounds very musical, I LOVE IT.

    i've found, and said MANY times here, that there is an acquired technique that comes with using LWs to get their fullest response/range/character.

    it takes some time to KEY into the sound.

    but, i understand how some won't want to spend the time to get there.

    for fretless, i'm sold.

    there's a lot of room for expansion, tonally/technologically, etc...

  9. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    yeah, i played the 5 and 6 that he has up on the site at the nashville show - i dug the sounds, it sounded great, and yeah, the microphonic-sounding behaviour was when i had the ice circuit engaged to maximum.

    the biggest problem is that their motherboard that they use can only support 6 strings at the moment, at least that's what bill told me. maybe that's been changed by now.

    oh, and as for pickups, my 8 strings have custom seymour duncan mm-style exposed-pole pickups in them and the hollowbody has special barts in it.

    if i ever get another custom bass built from bill, it will probably have dual exposed pole pickups from duncan - i really like they way they sound. sorta like a G&L setup, on 'roids :D.
  10. Angus

    Angus Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2000
    Palo Alto, CA
    Roids? That why you needed that butt creme, John? :D
  11. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    hey, if it's endorsed by The Bisk (R), then that butt creme is exactly what i need :D.
  12. eli

    eli Mad showoff 7-stringer and Wish lover Supporting Member

    Dec 12, 1999
    NW suburban Chicago

    "If"? "IF"??!!?

    Aw, man, I thought I had a g.a.s. HERO here...
  13. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    :eek: shh!!! the little woman's reading over my shoulder.

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