New Curtain Society Album! Available now!

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  1. Most of you know me as the annoying / facetious guy on the board (sorry about that), but my band, the Curtain Society, has officially released our new album: "Every Corner of the Room" on Orcaphat Records! A long time in the making, our own brand of alterna-pop swirlcore music is sure to please fans of the best of old and new brit-pop and alternative favorites....

    Preview the tracks, check out the bio, read the reviews, and if you like what you hear, we'd love if you would purchase a copy! Tis the season to give, and heck, get yerself the gift of good music!

    thanks for your time!

    Ron / the Curtain Society

    Also, for you digital download types, the songs can be purchased on Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, MSN Music, MP3tunes, AOL's MusicNet, Yahoo MusicMatch, Sony Connect,, and The Curtain Society web site:
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  3. To our new friend in AUSTRALIA who just bought the record....if you're from this site, PM me. and.....


    We'd LOVE to hear your thoughts once you've let it set in.

    The response has been great so far. Please, everyone check out the page!!!

    Ron & the Curtain Society
  4. Is this spam? Spamspamspam...

    Just kidding ya Paparhino!


    Bought the CD at Dynamo's on the way home from work along with the latest Huck release. Good stuff as always from yous guys.......

  5. Jeff! Thanks very much bro! That new Huck CD is awesome, eh?

    Glad you like our's much appreciated! You going to the x-mas shw this Saturday at the Lucky Dog? Good times.
  6. No problemo....

    I'd love to get out Saturday but I don't think I'll be able to make it....
  7. You sound great as usual but I must say, Roger did a great job recording Paul. His tone is killer!

  8. Thanks Jeff, Paul uses a Fender Hot Rod P. Good grind.
  9. bump: anyone have any thoughts on what they've heard? We'd love to know what you think. PM or otherwise.

    Thanks again! It will be available at very soon.

    iTunes and Rhapsody within a week or so, and the others in line soon thereafter. Sorry for the delay... Keep your eyes open in the trade / music publications as well. I will link any writeups that come forth.

    the Curtain Society
  10. I do declare!


    anyone gotten their copy yet? Whaddaya think?

    a bit of trivia: today is the anniversary of our very first live show. I won't say how MANY years, but it's over 10. it's actually over 13. ;)


    To mark this occasion, I invite you all to listen to the record, and hope you like it and want to own a copy.


  11. Just a nice little bump, and a great holiday season wish to you and yours on this humble little board.

    Oh, and buy the record, you'll love it. Good kharma!

  12. txbasschik


    Nov 11, 2005
    Leander, Texas
    The album is tight and pleasant to listen to. The first song, "No Wonder", really caught my attention. "Beautiful Song" is cool, too. I really like "Two Wonderful Stars".

    The general sound reminds me somewhat of a heavier, more-interesting Coldplay.

    The bass lines are *great*! I can tell you have been with this group for a while, because you have just exactly the right feel for what the band does.

    Cherie :)
  13. I cannot thank you enough for the kind words, and we are happy you are enjoying our material!!!!

    We wish for you the best this holiday season!!! Thanks again!

    Ron & the Curtain Society
  14. Hey! New Years BUMP! Start the new year off right with some good music!

    thx! :bassist:

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