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New Darkglass Bass Heads (Microtubes V2 and Alpha Omega)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Lammchop93, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. matante


    Nov 3, 2003
    Los Angeles
    That would be a pretty big design flaw. I doubt it's that way. The post DI is normally dependent on the preamp settings including input gain, EQ, etc. But the master volume knob controls only the power amp. It's not a part of the preamp and should have zero effect on the DI level.
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  2. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    all the options the modern, professional bassist needs

    Funny, that.

    Not buying that, me.
  3. BlueShox

    BlueShox Registered Turtle Supporting Member

    Jul 14, 2007
    West Columbia, SC
    Are you modern and professional?
  4. Saw a listing at $1099.99, want to say it was Sweetwater

    I’ve been looking at amps a lot now that I’m pretty happy with my basses. Im gonna wait and see what else is new at namm but I’m strongly leaning towards the A/O 900 now. I have my alpha/omega pedal on more than 50% of our live show. The aux in and headphone features are a great thing for me personally as most of my practice time at home is when the wife and kids are sleeping.
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  5. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    I'd say so.
    Define modern.
  6. DeadbeatLine


    Nov 13, 2013
    Big Darkglass fan here, and the updates to the Microtubes 900 were VERY cool and really expands the versatility of the amp further (especially the USB, Midi and Comp).

    Gotta admit though, I personally wasn't that blown away by the Alpha Omega 900. Many DG fans here and elsewhere seem to already own both the Microtubes 900 and the Alpha Omega (or AOU) and so are already very capable of a vast majority of the tones available in this new amp, or am I just missing something here? Is it not just the Microtubes 900 but with the Alpha Omega in the Pre-amp drive section instead of the B3K/Vintage? Not quite understanding the hype behind it but if someone could educate me as to the reasons behind their excitement I'd more than happily listen!

    Rather gutted there was no X7 Ultra announcement.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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  7. Have a look at the manual...

    PRE DI OUTPUT: Use this connector to send a balanced copy of your clean signal to the console, mic preamp, interface,etc.
    POST DI OUTPUT: Use this connector to connect the Alpha·Omegavv 900 preamplifier to balanced equipment (mic preamp, console, recorder, compressor, audio interface, etc.) via a standard XLR jack. Using this connection you have a signal processed by the preamp of the amp (gain, distortion, EQ, master, etc.).

    Darkglass consider the master volume control still part of the preamp.

    The first version of the M900 had the DI controlled by master volume. Later versions had it pre master, but this new set up seems to give best of both worlds.
  8. These look awesome! Though I'm not going to move from the microtubes 900, it's just too good to let go of!
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  9. smtp4me


    Sep 30, 2013
    Philadelphia, PA
    Me too!
  10. Nefarius696


    Apr 9, 2015
    Dammit! My MT900 Medusa isn't even that old, but now I want the AO900 badly! The concept of this amp looks amazing!
  11. Lovep

    Lovep Supporting Member

    Mar 17, 2011
    Indianapolis, IN
    I agree that I'm not quite sure how this would meet the needs of existing DG customers. I think these amps are more to update the amps with more modern tech and expand the customer base.

    Quite honestly, I was hoping for a tube driven preamp with all the existing bells and whistles of these new amps. No, OD pedal incorporated into the amp at all...I've got pedals for those...
  12. DeadbeatLine


    Nov 13, 2013
    I'm definitely a fan of the updates and imagine them to be very usable, but don't overly understand the need for the Alpha Omega 900 to be a separate amp. Could the Alpha Omega (or Omicron) not have been incorporated into the Microtubes 900v2? Maybe with Dual-Purpose knobs that have differing functions based upon which drive is selected (to make up for the Alpha/Omega control, etc)?

    I'm definitely not an amp designer or circuit specialist of any kind so I have no idea what is/isn't possible and these are simply just my own thoughts!

    Tubes would be interesting for sure, but I don't think that's Darkglass's vibe.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  13. Darkglass

    Darkglass Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Dec 10, 2008
    Helsinki, Finland
    Douglas Castro, Founder: darkglass.com
    The signals for both DI outputs are taken before the Master, so not even the post DI is affected by it.
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  14. dorej

    dorej Lowdown Dirtydog Supporting Member

    Dec 28, 2017
    I've got an AO 900 coming on or about Feb-20th from Sweetwater. :hyper:

    Why am I buying it? Because I'll have the best of both worlds right in one box. I can sell my AO and AOU pedals. I'll keep my MT900 as a back-up.

    I like the idea of having the AOU in an amp w/ 900 Watts of power. AOU is an "always on" pedal for me, so why not? It'll work for some people and not for others, but I'm glad Douglas has given us the option! I think it'll be a killer little box.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
  15. Charlzm

    Charlzm Supporting Member

    Mar 25, 2011
    Los Angeles, CA
    I'll be sitting here waiting patiently for people to start unloading their Microtubes V1s...
  16. I stand corrected on the DI behaviour then, Doug.

    In that case, the manual needs an update though! :)
  17. rsint


    Mar 26, 2006
    the Netherlands
    @Darkglass Will the compressor be footswitchable? If so, will there be a new footswitch?
  18. callofcthulhu


    Oct 16, 2012
    Wwwhoof if this thing had a tube in it my brains would turn to whipped cream...
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  19. Apparently you can use the suite to assign the pedals on the Super Intelligent Footswitch!
  20. I'm ready to unload mine :)

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