New DC7! Bonus updated rat's nest pic

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  1. After getting my Solarian last week and with my new FrantaBit coming whenever it gets here, decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and buy another power supply. Still not quite ready to build a proper pedal board yet. Waiting till I buy a D8 to do that.

    So for now it is still rat's nest city for my pedals :)

    Just for fun, since I know there has to be at least somebody who enjoys a good rat's nest, thought I would post a before and after Pic.


    Before the Cioks DC7 and Solarian. Taken just over week ago.


    Updated Rat's nest taken just now, with DC7 and Solarian added to the chain.

    Hope somebody enjoys this. Or at least won't feel all alone with their own rat's nest of pedals. I am here to help. ;)
  2. Ok. I cleaned it up a bit more while I was supposed to be getting ready for work this morning.... Eliminated all the wall warts except for one now. As a bonus it is even looking at lot neater now. Might make that pedalboard sooner rather than later after all.

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    OMG. Thank you so much for posting those pics. Makes me feel much better about my current (lack of) setup!

    Thumbs up on the DC7. Nice piece of kit.
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  4. Hehe this makes my day. I knew at least someone would appreciate this on some level at least.

    And yeah I am already liking the DC7. Having all these Broughtons makes it almost a necessity to power all those 18-24V pedals. Going to have to order some cables so I can try my Broughtons at 24V.
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    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
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    Goku's gotta go on the board when you build it, too
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