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New Dutch guy on the forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by dutchknot, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been reading messages on this forum for about a month now, and found it entertaining and helpful. Time to get rid of the "don't be shy" message and introduce myself. :ninja:

    It must have been 10 years since I've started playing the bass. I started playing in my church's youth choir band, because the regular bass player was unable to make it to the Christmas performance. Other band members knew I was interested in playing the bass, and so I had 3 months to get started on the instrument. First instrument I've ever played was a Dutch built Servaes bass (unlikely that anyone else ever heard about that one), which I borrowed from our drummer.

    Five years later I was playing in five bands (4 different worship bands and a jazz band). Luckily I was a student, so I had some extra spare time on my hands, and not each of those bands would practice every week. I was very active at playing the bass during those few years, but one by one the bands quit (or I quit the band).

    Right now there's only one band left (pop-rock cover band Smaakverwarring) and occasionally I get together with one of those worship bands for a church service. With the other guys from my cover band we decided to get more serious and start working on our individual skills next to practicing together. Well, that's what brought me here.

    I have been playing the 5 string electric bass (ESH) for 4 years now, and thought it was time to get me a back-up bass: a MIM Fender Jazz fretless. I still have an upright bass in the closet (which is not getting much action anymore since my jazz band split up), so getting used to fretless didn't take too much time. Which is good really, because my fretted bass is away for maintenance, so I had to do last Wednesday's gig on my new fretless. :bassist:

    I'm very happy with all my instruments and hope to improve my skills with what I read on this forum.

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