New endpin, new noise

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  1. I needed to get my endpin replaced because it was bending forward towards the strings (only about a degree or so) and when ever I put weight on it it would make a loud CREAK. I got a new endpin installed and no more creak, but now I noticed a buzz. It's been one day since I got it back and never heard a buzz before. I also got seams repaired but it seems unlikely that having seams repaired would create a buzz. Could the endpin be the source of the buzz? Or do I have to start looking elsewhere?
  2. i had a similar problem with my new basses endpen a while ago. what it turned out to be for me was the screw on tip was becoming loose and ratteling from the vibrations whenever i bowed it. However that may not be the case with yours.
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    Hey Scott, try pulling the endpin out further and see if it goes away.
    Usually a buzzing endpin is the free portion of the rod vibrating away inside the body. You can remove the pin and shorten it if this proves to be the source of your problem.

    The 10mm solid rods are the worst for this - I prefer to replace them with one of the tubular steel units from Metropolitan Music or something with a C/F rod..
  4. Thanks I'll look into that