New entry into Pedalworld and My tighta$$ pedalboard solution

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    Hey guys well this is my 20th year playing bass (I must admit there have been some slow times) and a recent reinvigoration into playing and tone scaping has led me to enter the fascinating world of pedals. I have tried very hard to find effects that I feel inspire me and I can't really say it is my bag...tone shaping on the other hand is something I have always strived to do better and gain understanding. For a long time this meant a Mesa stack (Bigblock and a PH 6x10). Sold off due to new career and leaving regular stagetime I have sold everything and this time I am re-tooling the rightway. All or Nothing Baby!!

    I had not run a pedal till this year and my first try was an utter success with the B7k Ultra (no surprises I'm sure). I have set it to just magic the highend and it also tightens everything up. I love researching products as much as I do playing bass half the time so everything I own has been very carefully chosen. The Big Head came next and I must say that this was a very high end problem solver (headphones not loud enough) but honestly this thing sounds incredible by itself and can also be used as an interface absoltuey incredible for something so tiny. lastly was the SuperSymmetry and it has taken me a bit to really discern the amount of effect on the tone all I know is that NOTHING sounds as good when it isn't on and this is a very fine thing!

    Pedals for the Future:
    Korg Pitchblack: might get a silver one to rock the siver colourtones lol
    Very highend DI: Noble is looking to take pride of place on this board one day otherwise I will rack an Avalon U5. I am going to run either into a poweramp and a greenboy style cab...
    Omnicabsim: could be cool maybe
    Regulated Power: Isobrick because it is silver lol otherwise plenty of room for anything underneath.

    Pedalboard Idea: Was going to build one..had an old laptop riser sitting in my office and the more I looked at it the cooler it looked for a great pedalboard. Not too bit. right angle, light and strong, decent rubber feet, free. I am going to chuck a few holes in it and have velcroed down the pedals with heavy duty stuff. I do need to add a bit of reinforcement underneath but for a cheap and cheerful pedalboard option this is the go. called: Fellowes Laptop Riser....I love that it is black and silver for colour coding (this was a fluke but man it is cool lol).

    I mainly play through cans (AKG k712pro which are also incredible) and I have put my amp in storage because I prefer the proximity of cans and the minute attention to detail they provide in making sure I am mindful of playing ultraclean (in my dreams).

    Anywho anyone who is obsessed with this stuff has read all this sorry for my ramble..enjoy. 20170821_155953.jpg
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  2. I started really getting to pedals around 20 years in also. Oddly enough I'm a fan of Darkglass pedals and the Avalon u5. They are a great combination as the Avalon is a great clean tone and the Darkglass pedals IMG_3302.JPG
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    Oh I too am totally obsessed the way you are @madmaskbass, tone shaping excites and inspires me as does gear. I love to play and write music too. But gear and tone are almost as important to me today. I feel it's what sets up apart as musicians and bands, it gives us our own musical identities. You have a helluvah a start there! I have and have used the B7K and now the B7KU for years. It's my base tone. It makes me want to play every day. I stack it with a few other things that really make my tone game shine (to my ears anyway). That coupled with some key and fav dirt pedals as well as some other effects really makes it a lot of fun and inspiring for me. So I know exactly how you feel. It brings me a ton of enjoyment and happiness.
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