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New Equip - Hartke3500 & Hartke VX410

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Zirc, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Zirc


    May 13, 2001
    Los Angeles
    Some of you heard me earlier about my PA speaker dilemma. Well it was time to get rid of them and get a bass cab. Today I took a trip to my local music store to get a 4x10 cab. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

    First I tried out an Ampeg SVT-410HE, Hartke VX410, and Hartke 410XL. All cabs were played through a Hartke3500 amp head and Zoom 506II pedal on a modified C3 setting with a Lefty MIM Fender Jazz w/ Badass Bass II bridge (see pic).

    The Hartke 410XL sounded terrible IMO. They aluminum drivers really just gave out a tinny sound.

    I was really comparing the Ampeg and the Hartke VX410 (paper cone drivers). Both had very distinct, different sounds. It seemed like the ampeg had a clear mid/high sound and the hartke had a more bassy sound. The ampeg was also $200 more. I personally liked the Hartke sound better. The extra bass gave more of a hit to the punch it packed. The Hartke had that grittiness that I love. It's hard to explain, but the cab had that sound where it just blows your ears off when you pop any note on the D string. The kind of gritty punch mixed with twang where you're just like "wow that's loud". That's another thing I love about this cab, very loud. I can crank it without any clipping at all, which is awesome for an 8 ohm cab. Ultimately the goal is to get another one and have two 410s at 4 ohms for shows. I think just one will be enough for practice though, which is awesome.

    Anyway, after I bought the Hartke VX410, I traded my Ampeg B2R head for a Hartke 3500 head. I hated the way the purely Ampeg solid state head sounded. Just kind of sounded flat, where the Hartke 3500 had that grittiness I love. The tube control with the Hartke 3500 is a HUGE plus.

    My settings on the 3500 right now:
    Tube: 8
    Solid: 5
    No compression (never liked this, just kills the sound IMO)
    EQ is flat
    Low Pass: +3
    High Pass: -5

    However, I think my Zoom 506II modified C3 setting colors the sound the most (brings a little brightness to the gritty punch).

    Despite all the people that like to diss Hartke VX cabs on here, I trusted my ears and this cab has the perfect sound. $300 isn't bad at all for a 4x10 either. The sound I'm talking about is very unique too. The best I can describe it is VERY gritty and punchy. It sounds a lot like FalsehoodBass (on this board :p) on the Falsehood songs. I'll see if I can get a recording and host it somewhere this weekend since all this sound vocab (grit, punch, brightness, etc) is all subjective.

    Anyway, this cab is GREAT for the money. So to all you ney-sayers out there... :spit: I LOVE my Hartke stuff :D

    Now I just need a band :D

    I'm so happy with this cab!!! I can't get over it!
  2. Zirc


    May 13, 2001
    Los Angeles
  3. watspan


    Nov 25, 2002
    madison, wi
    nice review. i have an ha5000 biamped into an ampeg 1x15 2x8. you're preamp settings are a little higher compared to me--i try to keep the combined tube/ss at <10
  4. axe


    Feb 1, 2003
    Yukon Oklahoma
    I have a 3500 now and was looking at the vx 215. does anyone here have this set-up or heard it.
  5. ThatOneGuy


    Jan 2, 2004
    I listened to your sound clips. That thing sounds sweet!!! Personally I would have gone with Avatar, but as long as you like it thats all that matters. Two thumbs up!!!
  6. Zirc


    May 13, 2001
    Los Angeles
    Thanks for the compliment on the sound! I could never buy a cabinet without hearing the sound I get from it first, so no avatars.
  7. you really gotta trust your ears on matters like this.
    I personally love the sound of the aluminum speakers and have a full compliment of Xl cabs. I thought the VX series sounded less punchy, and less warm than the aluminum, but to each his own. That 3500 head sure gets loud, its been a workhorse for me.
    Your sound clips sound good and the tone is bright and aggressive, sounds to me that you got what you wanted. Congrats
  8. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    Good buy. When I tried them out, the VX cabs really impressed me. I used to have a 410XL, and it sounded great, but it just took a little EQ'ing to sound great. Aluminum cones seem to be on a "Love it or Hate it" basis. The 3500 is also a great head. Absoulutely smokes a B2R.
  9. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    I came to this thread, by way of your signature. :D

    That sounds beautiful. I like how it has a trebely, cutting tone, without losing balls. (a lot of guys who go for the mid range tone, often times have terrible tone, but not with this)

    I'm seriously considering a Hartke. The best combo I ever played through was a kick back. I just wish Hartke made more powerful heads.
  10. My 3500 head is pretty loud at 240 watts. I've never needed more than the full 350 with 2 cabs, and that's overkill for everything I do.
  11. Kelu


    Dec 6, 2002
    Lille in France
    I used to play Hartke3500 on a 1x15' Mesa cab, before I sold it to buy Ashdown EvoII 500..
    My settings on the hartke were :

    Tube : 4
    Transistor : 5
    EQ : V
    Low : +3
    High : 0
    Comp :oops:ff

    And I boosted the lows with my MM Sterling..
  12. no offense to anyone here, but saying "oh these were my settings" clearly points out that you use your rig in your bedroom. Your one setting will never work in real world situations. If those are the same settings you use out in the field, I can't imagine how bad you're tone will be (or good, if it's actually your ideal venue, but how often do musicians get their ideal venues ;)). Knobs are meant to be tweaked for different rooms;)
  13. I got a 410VX myself and love it! I am actually looking to upgrading my Peavey Mark III head up to a Hartke3500 when I get the money (probably sometime during the summer), is it totally worth the buy?
  14. Zirc


    May 13, 2001
    Los Angeles
    Same here.
  15. Your bass sounds awesome. What kind of Strings were you using? I also love the tone of Hartke amps!
  16. A lot of people seem to think that hartke amps are cheap. These amps are actually an excellent value. I've had my 4 x 10 VX for over a year now and its yet to fail me. It fits in my trunk perfectly and at 400 watts provides sufficent power. I imagine mounting casters on it would deal with the weight of 80 pounds and otherwise make this an awesome cabinet. I'm not sure how their transporter or XL series are, but the VX is very good.
  17. From what I've heard, XL > VX > TP
  18. Zirc


    May 13, 2001
    Los Angeles
    I didn't like the sound of the XL at all. Too tinny and thin.

    Strings were Ernie Ball Slinkies.

    Casters help a lot. Cheap and easy mod too.
  19. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    I've got an older Hartke 7000 that's pretty much just my back-up now.....but it can nail just about any tone I need it to. It's an awesome head.

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