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new equipment, help?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BornUnwanted, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. well a couple months ago i decided that i would sell my old equipment...

    SWR 4x10
    SWR 1x18
    Gallein Kruegar 700rb head

    this was all used, but in good shape. i got a new bass, an ibanez btb 5 string, and i didn't like the sound i was getting. i decided i would sell my stuff for a nice Carvin rig.

    i ended up frying my head (in other posts) and i've sold my 4x10.

    after hearing, reading and finding out that Carvin cabs couldn't substain the deeper notes i would use most often (B and A tunings) iv'e figured i wan't something else now...

    right now i'm thinking about buying a Carvin head because i really like their heads, and getting an SWR golliath senior cab, and using my 1x18 inch cab with it.

    but i would like any suggestions on anything not too expensive that can hold a really low sound, and get my sound heard really well. i'm getting tired of playing through a crate 10 inch.

    thank you for any replies
  2. i guess no one cares? oh well...
  3. My recommendation, Eden or Aguilar 4x10 cab. You won't need anything else. You could use your 1x18 if you really wanted that extra bottom, or else you could just use the 4x10 by itself. Or you could do like a friend of mine. Get a 2x10 and add it on top of the 1x18. Again, i would recommend eden or aguilar.

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