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New ESP/LTD Models for 2012 - Some nice Fender Clones

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassphreak, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. GAS ATTACK! (for me at least)

    I'm actually pretty excited about some of the bass models announced by ESP at NAMM. They have the Frank Bello model - a PJ bass with good specs based on the Vintage series. Bello moved from Fender to ESP. Again, good specs on the bass.

    Also (and very interested in ) the Pancho Tomaseli PT4 model. Looks like a hot rodded Geddy. Shouldn't have that ultra skinny thin neck. Nice specs and a real looker.

    The ESP Guitar Company | 2011 USA Website

    Anyone at NAMM see these? I doubt any of my shops will carry either one.
  2. Tristan


    Jan 28, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada

    I like EMGs and ESP puts out a lot of basses with them stock. Their more over the top stylings are not my cup of tea, so these are great.

    I was thinking I would grab that jazz (PT-4), but its $900... so not sure I will.

    The Bello is $2000 (ESP), and $950 (LTD), so not cheap either.
  3. Agreed on all points.

    Yeah, both LTD models are a bit pricey but in line with the specs and similar models from other companies. Still too much for me at the moment.
  4. I don't really use any signature models. I've tried a few (Harris, Araya) I mean all in all man they were pretty much made for those people. Of course they sell the model, a long with cheaper made models (ESP is the only company that does that BTW), to make a quick buck. The only ESP I still use is the DF-404 which was the top F series back in 08 with the tribal inlays. I can atest thought the best playing and sounding bass I ever owned was a cheapo Schecter Omen-4 which I bought at a pawn shop for $80. Unfortunately the pickups (which were stock) fried on it so I just replaced it with a Schecter Devil Tribal which is also extraordinarily awesome sounding and playing (IMO) and was also cheap as dirt. Just remember price doesn't equal quality expecially since bass is an extremely complex instrument. There are endless amounts of tone possibilities. No matter how much I love Steve or Geddy I would never buy their signature basses. Wasn't built for me, was built for them.
  5. I have 2 signature basses currently and have had several others in the past (Araya, Bello, Vinnie, Ellefson, Dirnt, Reggie, Geddy, etc). I didn't buy them because the were sig basses, but because they were unique models that had specs that fit what I wanted (at least at the time of purchase). In some cases they are like custom shop models.

    As long as the specs are close to what you would do on your own, it's a great fit. For example, I'm an old time Anthrax fan and read a lot of Bello's comments on bass and gear and find myself agreeing with much of what he has said. His Fender model has been a good fit for me and very close to what I'd build (I like maple boards though). The ESP/LTD is interesting to me for the same reason.

    For these ESP/LTD models I'm really interested since they are more traditional bass models with very nice upgrades over their stock counterparts. I'd like to A/B them against my Fenders.
  6. Tristan


    Jan 28, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada
    +1 to all that...

    Kris, do you find the LTDs particularly low quality?
  7. I think the LTD quality has been good. The higher end models (400+ series) are generally very well build and have the better electronics.
  8. ESP is pretty unique in the fact that they make a bass, and make the same bass over and over again downgrading the quality each time. So if you like an F series bass, you can buy the 54 and still have the look for cheap if you can't afford a 414. It all depends on how the bass was made. I've played a 104 that sounded nice and played well and i've played a different 104 of the same series that played and sounded horrible. I have no beef with ESP (other than their customer service, which is absolutely horrible) I never judge a bass by its specs, price, or how it looks I sit down and play the bass. If I like the feel and sound of the bass then I consider it a good bass by my standards. A bass I hate, someone else loves, which is why there is such a huge plethera of different basses out there. Then again strings have a lot to do with it as well. I bought that ESP DF-404 and it was a decent sounding bass, I liked the way it looked so it was going to be one of my "collectors" basses. I put some D'Adds EPS on it and it turned into a great sounding instrument besides the fact it's heavy, the feel of the neck is not within my tastes, and active EMGs aren't really my thing. It sounds decent and I've used it in a few recordings. If you prefer a signature model because you idolize a bassist and grew up in the bass world using him as your reference and over time developed the same spec expectations as him then great. You can get your perfect bass without having to get it custom made. Mind you all of this is coming from someone that loves Schecter, Kustom, and D'Adds. so my opinion is a bit biased. I have owned quite an extensive amount of ESPs though (and still own atleast 3 or 4). It's all about what you want from an instrument which is what I was trying to convey in the first place.

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